Monday, August 22, 2011


When we have our scrapbookers hat on we are often prompted to journal our predictions next photos of our children.

Last night when I said
 "Jarred go get ready for bed "
and came out and saw this ensemble
just casually watching TV 
like wearing an Afro wig is the naturalist thing to do!!! 

 That when I thought,  
surely my predictions
were validated yet again ....

it'll be some sort of a crime against humanity
if this kid doesnt go into..

You saw it here first folks Jarred goes to Hollywood!
When his face adorns billboards and Broadway.
when he pulls out his pocket change
and he buys his ridiculously good looking for her age, mother her first mansion and his dad his first fleet of Harley's
you'll be able to say to your kids and grand kids 

"see Mothers are always right!!!" LOL



Jenny said...

Hhahahahah - how cute is he !!
Like its the most natural thing in the world to just put on some hair
Good on him !!!
Is there going to be a MASSIVE scrap room in your mansion Marce ?

Wyn Vogel said...

Marce - he has your creative spirit - Don't daunt it in any way! I know another little soul who is very excited about seeing your boys - Cheers!