Friday, August 26, 2011


OMG creative papercrafter and assemblage genii exists in the backwaters of Wagga Wagga. !!!
I met a lovely and most talented lady yesterday BARB THOMAS .

An ATCer, maker of mini art books n shrines, collector of kitch amazingness,
designer of Golliwogs, bears and doll maker extraordinaire!!!

Hiding her creative light under a bushell she was introduced to me Via everyones favourite quirky art goddess LINDA BALDOCK. It also turns out  that Barb is quite good friends with SCRAPTIVATE teacher and designer KELSEY O'MULLANE. Even to the point where they've been to visit each other!!!
WOW how freaky how art can indeed make the world a smaller place
We are here in country NSW, Linda's in Sydney and Kelsey in Western Australia!!!

Barb is a beautiful and warm giving personality. A well travelled woman, shes been mentored by some huge artists including Micheal De Meng. Shes won medals, trophies and been published for her spectacular dolls in cloth, paper and polymer clay. Shes even had Australia Post make a series of stamps featuring her dolls!!! All that and ... shes a hoarder collector after my own heart!!!

I was instantly at ease, as she hugged me on my arrival at her front door. She then took me on a two hour tour of he house on which, I ran out of adjectives to describe how much I was enjoying her hand made inspiration. I felt like ALICE in WONDERLAND. Hubby asked me that night what my meeting with Barb was like and  I was lost for adaquate words all I could say was "utopian" ***GRIN***

Her beautiful heritage house to begin with, is a huge art work in itself!  From the huge stained glass entrance barb made herself to the beating heart of the home... a stunning skylight lit  floor to ceiling timber kitchen. A feast for the eyes every nook and cranny bursting with intriguing much loved collections.

Creatively I felt reduced to a single cell amoeba but when I grow up Barbs home is exactly what I hope my grandchildren find me in!!! The "look around"  included entry into her hallowed creative space!!! I felt quite honoured as she let me wander around looking and gasping! LOL So many things to look at including her latest metal art doll assemblage in the process of coming to life Then more gasping as I  hit the mother load of eye candy ...her extensive rubber stamp collection!!!  I always knew I had an unnatural obsession with Stampington stamps but it was never fully realised till I went to Barb's! LMAO 

Barb's creative space, once upon a time a bedroom, is as big as my lounge room. At least that's what is felt like! It had all the character of the greatest art studio with supplies galore wall to wall, paintings, artifacts of all descriptions hanging as organically as if they had grown up the walls themselves. 

Barb apologised, like we are all are programed to do by dull polite society, about the mess . She needn't have! Unlike my room at home it had a floor to be seen!  To me this room was sublime as its messy was more than I could ever aspire to. I say messy definitely like its a good thing!  
Its my belief that a neat creative space reflects an unproductive mind
and Barbs could never be called that!

I wondered if her inventiveness actually had an off switch cause the arty farty passion in our creative conversation had no OFF. On a personal level I know she has a husband some kids and a granddaughter and she knows my family is, my husband and kids but we didn't have much time
for all the more "boring" everyday stuff! LOL

Well I am starting to embarrass myself with all this gushiness , I do have a small tendency to get a little over excited on occasion (be warned Barb! LOL ) I had a lovely visit and look forward to making a mess with and getting to know my new friend a little better in the future.

Please have a look and leave some love at Barb Thomas's blog...


Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Well Hello there Marcy!! It was lovely to have you stop by my blog and your kind words :) I wouldn't go pondering the "Wiggles" in my head too long lol I have all sorts of sounds happening up there!
Hope to 'see' you again :) :) :)

Linda B said...

I love that you have finally met Barb, I seriously need to get back to Wagga for some Barb time.