Monday, August 29, 2011


Every parent LOOOVESSS book week right?

Our neighbourhood kids on their way to school book parade day...Connor and Jarred centre.

I try not to get too stress and try to encourage my kids because in my heart
I can still remember book week as a kid. The thrill and built up, the pent up excitement of
being someone else and playing dress ups!

The specialness of getting your costume all ready
And taking it to school in a plastic bag. I still remember getting dressed in the class’s storeroom
peeking out the store room window to see what’s seemed like hundreds of others
Nan’s, Pops, Mums and dads arriving.

I remember my pride as my heart exploded with excitement when I’d see my mum
had managed to sneak away from work in her lunch hour to watch to me parade around with the bright cheery music blaring out the school PA

Ahh those were the days ...
where it was “normal” fun and
not at all obscene to dress up and STRUT!!!

Jarred again in the FRO just cause he can! seen here with Connor & Daniel

Just between you and me...
keep it to yourself but I have a confession to make…

***shameful blushing***

I always try and lead my kids to the character I want to make a costume for! LOL
The one that’d make a good scrapbook page or I know I have the bits for
or at least half an idea how to create!

I have spent many a whole week sewing or gluing some wild idea up
to make my kids proud and maybe impress a few of my peer mummies.
This year I asked the boys a week in advance to get organised I was determined I
 was NOT staying up till 3am the night before “making” a change of mind outfit for anyone!

It’d been a long couple weeks with a number of things going on
but most draining was having Daniel at home for the last 10 days after his two day hospital
stay getting his tonsils’ out. I am a bit of a worrier and had used up a fair bit of mental energy fussing over him. Daniel had gone so willingly like a lamb to the slaughter into the tonsillectomy.

I had managed, for his own good, to avoid going into much of the gorrey details.
Despite the details being quite fresh in my mind having had mine out just 7 years ago. His face had said it all as he came round from the surgery. His shocked and accusatory stare as he looked up at me and rasped “it hurts mum!” and I patted him and said “this is the worst bit, it’ll get better... just sleep”

Poor Daniel SLEEP HE DID for almost two whole days!!!

The experience you could say was pretty traumatic for him.
On the other hand it could be said, in some way s for his mother it was a bit of a hospital Holiday!! Periodically pushing aside the worry ... there were no other kids to look after, no fighting to sort out, no washing to do and no meals to get!!! I managed to sit and sleep in the comfy recliner next to his bed … transfixed by the first thing I had read in 10 years that didn’t include pictures!!!
A real life novel!!!

Well kind of … Daniel had made a pact with me
during our “hospital adventure” (his words!) I would read the first
and he would the 5th instalment of the “PERCY JACKSON” novels.

A kid’s book I hear you say…

oh it’s so much more let me tell you!

You can keep your Harry Potters.
The main character Percy not only battles his teenage emotions, dyslexia
and ADD but all the mythological creatures a boy can handle as the modern day son of the Greek god Poseidon. Percy and his friend face death defying adventures as he is sent on many quests as he attempt to comprehend and marry both his modern and ancient worlds.

As it turned out having always been a mad keen Greek mythology buff you could say
I found this book not only interesting, well written and easy to read,
you could say I found it … bewitching compelling even!!! I picked THE book up on
Thursday morning and barely put it down till Saturday afternoon when I finished it!!!
Within half an hour of finishing it we were at the DVD shop getting the
recently made movie version “THE LIGHTENING THIEF”

Which for book readers,like myself
 was riddled with appallingly inaccuracies missing
 major chunks of the plot and shamefully mish mashed together
but for one 8 year old boy namely jarred...

Gotta love Urma Thurman as Medussa with an I phone! LOL
No subliminal advertising there!!!

This brings us back to book week …


Who wouldn’t want to be PERCY JACKSON with his had winged shoes for flying!
A watch that turned into a shield, a magic pen that transforms into a sword
that battles 6 headed Hydras, medusas and travels to other worlds???

So Jarred HAD TO BE PERCY the easiest costume in the entire world...
… Could that count as a DT project Nat? LOL)

And Connor ...
well I wouldn’t let him go
as an "army sniper with a bazooka"
Even though he pointed out that many history books
have “bloodthirsty soldiers” in them!!!

So defiantly he stated he would not need any of my help
whatsoever and he put his own costume together.
He went as…
{believe it …or not}

(What the…HUH??!!)

DISCLAIMER: I Marcy Smith most days being of sound mind
take absolutely no responsibility for the creation of this en some.
Especially not to the velvet "loin cloth" attached to the
 plaited women's belt with safety pins!!!

PS. Cant wait till the next kid has something “removed”
I have the second PERCY JACKSON book already packed in the hospital bag!!! We could go appendix's and tonsils look how many books there are and...
that's just the first series!!! LOL


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