Monday, April 18, 2011


Well shocked and dismayed my little baby boy turned 8 today...
unlike his brothers long winded birth story I wrote for u all last month,
I will not be subjecting you all to that tonight.

Was that a collective sigh of relief I just heard? LOL
Sufficed to say we spent a lovely day with all the folks in Temora and just got home
 *** 12 midnight! yawn***

Jarred was chuckin the biggest cute attack this morning as he climbed into my bed
 kissed me on the cheek, snuggled up beside me 
and beaming with happiness said...

 "good morning mum! Do you know what day it is?"

Going out today to have lunch with Grandma & Pa and tea with Pop and Clarey. Stands to reason that once a year a boy has to be ready super fast, with no nagging and before everyone else!!!! So what else would you do with your time while you wait for everyone else... play a woody and Buzz type game with the rubbish under the craft table, actually under the table itself!!!

 Yep and then when you realise mum has snuck up and taken a photo then of course you...POSE?!!!
Especially if your my Jarry!


Jarred got  NEW BEN 10,  PJs for his birthday!!!

Cute AS! till this picture comes out at your 18th hon!
Just remember birthday boy ....
Grandma bought them for you! LOL

Jarry you're an original, an impressive bookworm,
smarter than any 8 year I know and you just ooze charisma.
You brighten every room and tell the BESTEST EVER JOKES!!!!
I Love you dearly

My fav's for today....
What do you call a camel with three humps?.............HUMPHREY!!!
What do you call a woman with a gambling problem? ............ Betty!!!
What do you call a man with no arms and no legs floating in the ocean? .................BOB!
What do you call a woman with a frog on her head?....LILY!


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Jenxo said...

Happy Bithday Jared, sounds like you have a good planned...