Tuesday, March 22, 2011


In my latest effort
to bribe my children into submission...
I made cupcakes this arvo!!!

I d like to say as a SAHM of school age children,
my house is impeccable, my laundry is always done, never in the hamper,
tea is always planned and ready to go in the oven when hubby walks in of an evening
I cant compete with Walt Disney!!!

I can though, on occasion bash up a cup cake
and for all those non "mumsey" types like myself out there...
 I  experimented for us all this arvo...it seems to be a smash hit !!!

Take your ordinary cupcake mixture place a teaspoon of it into each patty paper.
The recipe I was using made thirty and just made it
( so no scrapping the sides of the bowl!!! LOL)

Place half a teaspoon of raspberry jam on to of each batter mix.
Take the remaining cupcake mixture and mix in a teaspoon of cocoa
and a tablespoon of desiccated coconut.
Spoon it out over the top make sure to cover the jam.
Stick it in the oven for 15 minutes and


Cup cakes everyone thinks you made "a little bit fancy"
just because you love them sooo much
when really you just created cupcakes
 ( oh and as a bonus in case you run out of muesli bars these wrap in glad wrap without the glad wrap sticking to icing and making a big old mess in the lunch box!)

I haven't changed much apparently over the years
I got this book from my Grandmother a couple years after I got married.
I'd give you an exact date normally nan always left a Christmas inscription but she was also quite penny wise and probably figured I wouldn't waste her money entirely as it would fetch more in a garage sale
without an inscription!

Well  Ha ha to her ...
it didn't sell,
no one even looked at it!!!
Hence its still on my bookshelf!!!! LOL

But it had indeed taught me something today...
I need to dust my bookshelf more!
Nan would be so proud!

NowI wonder ...what culinary delight
hubby's whippin up, when he gets home!

( I have to let him cook or he'd loose his mind, hes a frustrated aspiring master chef contestant!!!)




Frances said...

Proud of you mate!! Gotta love icing and sprinkles though...

PJ said...

All that food looks so good! I'm coming over to your house for lunch. lol

phatassphairy said...

yum!!!....and thanks for you kind words on my blog ....and the truth is i am too chicken to try and submit ...i have never tried ...i guess i will just stay a hidden secret ,,,blahhh !!!!