Tuesday, April 19, 2011


 PAPERIFIC was TERRIFIC!!! It was the show in Melbourne I went to demo at ....lots of laughs and lovely people. THE SCRAPWARE booth totally rocked out had a lovely sparkly boutiquey look to it. Ange was a gorgeous  boss and it was totally awesome to meet up again so soon with SCRAPTIVATEs own...
my lovely friend Natalie Wolfe!!!! ( woo hoo luv uuuu!)

I also got to finally meet up with Jen Crossley , after hearing so many things about her and it would seem they were all true! she IS INDEED a genuinely lovely lady! I also got to meet up with a friend from the ol 3 angels days Angela Muir! So funny she must be the only person who looks as good irl as in her profile pic! I LOVE working shows I wish I could do it everyday!
Only very sad I missed out meetimg Marcia Pringle apparently I was too busy talking....
***gasp***... ME????!!!
actually I was on the makeNtake/demonstration table!
SORRY MARCIA!!! (giggle that sounds funny!)

A view of half of the convention centre ( This shots for Rach W )

SCRAPWARE Ange took us for a tour of her factory, we stayed the last night at her house with her amazing family( and scraproom! OMG!) and then.... she surprized the hell out of us by treating us to a (very) early morning Hot air balloon ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was brilliant! for more info and the most charismatic Balloon Captain to fly your balloon go to http://www.gowildballooning.com.au/ for all the info!

We got to help set up the balloon and these massive things were so amazing and the we flew over the yarra wine country, landed and started the day after a 5 star breakfast at a nearby Chateau.... an experience that was out of this world beyond anything this lil country hick may have ever had!!!
I've loaded heaps of pictures onto FB  so go there to see more.

Hubby said "so whats melbourne like" and I said I could sum up the little bit  I saw by saying
"its a whole heap of  mopeds, coffee cafes,restraunts,boxy buses on strings (trams) with some lovely leaf burbs smattered around that! Nice place to visit but theres no place like home!!!"

In preparing for the trip I finally got a cut and colour I am happy with ...for the next 6 weeks anyways! LOL . Its a soft layered messed up bobish construction mahogony. burgandy with black streaks.
The colours all me I love it.

 Before ugly license after makeover magic! LOL well it was a slight improvement. I almost felt like doin a couple of burnouts outside the cop shop to get someone to look at my new do license! LOL...Nahhh

Plans for easter...hmmmm...eat loads of chocolate before attempting to diet. I gave up smoking a couple months ago so I have stacked it on. Once the kids get back to school the next part of the "get the kids a yummy mommy" plan comes into effect the dreaded diet and excercise!

We had a lovely birthday week with Jarred who turned 8, we went and saw "hop" at the movies I only mention it cause you might want to see something else and wait for it on DVD. It was okay but 3/4 through jarred was wiggling in his seat, then crawling on the floor then checking out the colours of the skittles he was about to eat by the inset step lights on the floor! For all those just starting school holidays 6 out of 10! LOL

Duno about easter plans but we may go camping for a few days,
depending on the weather if its not wet or too cold. For me it depends on ....
whether someone comes with us with a porta loo!
Theres ruffin it then theres roughing it with class...I'll take the later!
I had such a great time being away on the adventures of the last few weeks I am stuggling to get back into routine. Post show come down! LOL  And then I'm struggling just a little bit more cause we are into the second week of school holidays. I feel like I've taken on the job of a 24 hour a day PA  and events coordinator to my three children, their social calender and half the neighbourhoods kids!!! LOL

So now I am off to podcast some Hamish and Andy and see if that gets
me interested in scraping something! LOL


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