Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Or I am just high on lacquer fumes!!! LOL
After scrapping neatly for a couple weeks something just snappppeeeddd!!
(that should have been out in the shed butttt....whatever!)

PLEASE NOTE: It comes off on everything
but the soap and water you try and get it off with!!!

Daniel took these pictures for me...

I thought this was funny, Daniel just rolled his eyes and went "MUMMM!" So very 13 of him I thought.
look wee lil hand duckies even eating bread ....okayeee maybe I did inhale!!!

Oh as a side comment: DH said "dont think you're bringin those hands near any bit of me!!!"
RAOTFL hmmm... wonder whether I have a colour I could "accidently" get on my hands everyday! LOL
Just kidding honey!

Here's is another background paper I made... 
 I took a few shots trying to show how luminesent  lewminesent  luminescent  SHIMMERY the LUMINARTE Misters and daubers are. I am shamelessly plugging these because SCRAPTIVATE has just got them instore and they are hard to find and I'd love it if
they keep stocking them  f-o-r-e-v-e-r!!! LOL

If your looking for them hit on the Scraptivate link above and look in the "whats New section"
Rest assured you're buying great value, they are heavily pigmented and last a very long time.
Use them as a spray, or put them in a dauber bottle and "splat" them as I have here in the centre of the page, dripNsprinkle them or break out your best "kindy moves" make a pool of paint then
blow them around with a straw! :)

 I will show you some more and better papers when the blasted sun comes out!!!  Whenever that'll be!! Temp here 1 deg overnight and a top temp of 14 deg and raining AGAIN today and apparently icy sheep grazier alert freezing winds as well for tommorrow.
 I spose you've all gathered by now I either loathe winter or ....
you're all wondering if I secretly work for the department of meterology!!!!
 ( OH how I look like a weather gal too! NOT!!! LOL)
Catch youse later!



Jenxo said...

oooh what an icy blast we are having. i hate it too...

jusrt cleaned my table [and floor] up, it doesnt take much to mess it up again!
love your background, it looks wonderful...

Anonymous said...

If ever I need cheering up I read your blog. Funny, uplifting, inspiring .... all the things a great blog should be. And of course ... great links ....

Diane said...

I just found your ATC when I tipped out the entire contents of my bag trying to find my car key that I had stupidly dropped into the hood of my jacket and then forgotten.
But serendipitous cos I found your ATC, like I said. So I thought I'd look you up.

I love the background paper you've made. It looks like stars or solar system or something like that. Way cool.


Anonymous said...

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