Wednesday, August 18, 2010


MY latest sketch effort... I used inktense aquellas but am now not game to put water near it for fear of making a mess!!! LOL okayee dont look at her eyes to long...
you may go cross eyed (have to work on that area! LOL)

Showed my sketch to the boys & MR 7, Jarred said within a split second..." her eyes are wonky, ones is up and ones down!" I was impressed by his keen eye. 

"Mr 9 Connor said "humph I could do better than that!" man! everyones a critic but then he did win first and thirst prize at the Temora rural show last year for drawing so I spose he is the expert!

Last but not least Dear husband (he hates me calling him DH on here as he things people might thing I and calling him a rude name! LOL) 
He said "nice... bit of an A cup though."

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sandra said...

I think she looks great.
I also think (using MY expert opinion lol) that her eyes have a Picasso kind of quality..hehe
as for the my does mean the rude name!! (well yesterday anyway! lol)
lovin' your art Marcy