Friday, August 20, 2010



13 years old where does the time go. Girls were making eyes at him down the street yesterday and I had to bring it to his attention and then it was like "oh sure mum whatever" and look these some guys from warhammer...oblivious to girl power for how long I wonder?

I had to take picture of Daniel yesterday
as I bought this very "COOL" maui & sons hoodie
 for him and he just looked so amazing in it.
I was the bestest mum for a minute, cause we both
are a little on the arty side in what we like...check out that graphic! LOL


Anonymous said...

That would look awesome on a layout, the picture of the back of the jumper with some fancy flourish rub-ons to match :)

josh healy said...

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Sarah aka Byclops said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Just love that first photo of your son!!! The light on the bricks is awesome!

Anonymous said...

wow marcy he is growing up way to fast. put a brick on his head please. he has his mothers eyes though i noticed. miss our chats. mwah