Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh DEAR! + a couple new layouts...

Oh dear three boys crowded into an office and one camera found...on the floor...and no one knows what happened but I think it means certain death to my Fuji! I turn it on and it says "lens error" and makes a terrible crunching noise as the  lens goes out. Poor Fuji its been such a great camera, I have heard the reason they are so cheap to buy ( mine was $600!) is because if anything goes wrong with them they are expensive to fix! So now I have a christening to go to tomorrow a Nikon D40 thats flash is broken and a Fuji that only focuses some of the time!!!GGGGGRRRRR! So heres only a couple of my most recent layouts. The pic's were so bad I am going to get DH to scan the rest on Monday!

This layout tells the story of my bring home 17 bags of oddment buttons from work when I used to work at spotlight. The boys went nuts! There was more ooh and ahhing than christmas morning! They spent hours sorting them in the colours sizes etc. Squealing with delight when they found "treasure" eg bejewed or gold buttons. Then when the were sorted the go busy I didnt question what they were doing I thought they were just string buttons onto hat elastic. They were making mini knight complete with toggle helmets and big button this day I am still so proud of their imaginations!!!

terrible photo I am sorry.

I was challenged to do a christmas layout featuring...myself! LOL I had two cuter photo's but they need some repair I had a go with photo editor but I think they need to go to an image DR! I used this layout for my demo at spotlight this weeks, it was great to catch up with most of the old crowd, and I think there was alot more people in the store too. Hope they book me next time I love getting paid for having fun. Oh I took a couple layouts for people to look at too. It was a little bit embaressing and a lil funny when someone tried to buy my button layout for 25 cents!!! TRUE I JEST YOU NOT!!!

This is the job the Fuji does now...yuck! Oh I am lost without my precious camera! (sob!)

Heres a couple photo's I played with....


1976 - The second I discovered Santa left me a CUBBY HOUSE... The fact it was insulated had a real roof, gyprocked walls and real windows had nothing to do with the figure standing behind me in his carpenter pants Pop the builder! Santa's little helper LOL

Playing cups of tea with a can of Fanta christmas morn. Mum said since she and Dad had a hard time drink the Fanta at 7am in the morning! LOL

well that'll be enough waffle for one night catch you on the flip side.... :)

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Anonymous said...

omg love. i really like those buttons and the chrissy decorations.