Saturday, November 14, 2009

oh I forgot to share HALLOWEEN.....

The boys didnt get birthday parties this year so when I was scrapping my american niece Olivia in halloween garb...well I caved to pester power! I even got with the program and donned an outfit, and baked pumpkin scones and blood icing cupcakes!!! Sadly, only a couple people really played along. as Aussies especially country folk dont do Halloween. I told the boys to invite a friend...I think they heard invite ten....

 Daniel as a Zombie

Connor as the grim reaper      Jarred, the skeleton and his friend Jacob the friendly ghost!

Three or four kids  weren't  in the photo so you can image how daunting we were as we rocked up to unexpecting people doorsteps!!! LOL


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kchambo said...

Hey Marcy,
Nice wart!!!! LOL this is too funny. You look fantastic, and mate, it takes a big woman to dress as a witch. Unfortunately if I did that, my kids wouldn't know the difference!! LOL