Thursday, September 3, 2009


Specializing in Creative Project Kits and on-line shopping .

Wednesdays Wishes is the brainchild of the extremely talented Maxine Hazebroek and Audrey Underwood. These two good friends, recently joined forces to open this amazing online store. They share over 20 years combined knowledge and experience in the papercraft industry. After teaching for many years, writing magazine articles and both having retail experience,As their blurg say's, it was a natural progression to start up their own business. Starting off small with this on-line venture, they bring to you some of their favorite products, techniques and hopefully some inspiration.

Wednesdays Wishes  retails unique Creative Project Kits . Each kit will enable you to create a piece of art just like their own. The Creative Project Kits come complete with step-by-step instructions including supporting photos, and all the products needed to create the piece.
I've checked this out and oh my goodness they are only just starting up but already the store catergories are chock full of inspirational treasures!!! Make sure you dont miss out on checking this site out!!!!

This month Wednesdays wishes have three new Creative Project Kits available. Be sure to check them out in the Creative Project Kits category. New kits are designed regularly so pop back often to check them out. Kits include all the product required to complete the project, full step-by-step instructions and supporting photographs, which are emailed to you.

Here are some samples of 
 Wednesdays Wishes
Creative Project Kits.


Audrey said...

Oh Marcy you've just brought tears to my eyes, in fact I'm crying and I've just called Max to take a look and see what you've done. I just replied to your beautiful email and now this. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
As you can imagine with just starting out there is no big advertising budget and for beautiful people like yourself to spread the word, we couldn't be more grateful.
Once again thankyou

Anonymous said...

wow such beutiful stuff. will be visiting this place. thanks for sharing marcy.