Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This weeks tip is a little but very important one I found out the hard way just this afternoon....right peoples get you pen and paper ready to avoid stress and heartache....

If your lucky enough to have two cameras, I have a trusty little Fuji s800fd and a looovely Nikon D40x I was lucky enough to win a year ago or so, DO NOT ..I repeat... do not mix your SD cards up and use one card in both. I took some awesome photos (for me! LOL) with the Nikon today on a card I'd used previously formatted to the Fuji... um BAD NEWS! Halfway through down loading the card to the computer the pictures corrupted and my best ones are missing suspected gone! GGGRRRR ARGHHH! DDH is going to have a go at finding them but I don't know had two bees in close up frolicking and smiling for me on two stalks of lavender with sun streaming through...gosh I am going to cry if its gone! Anyhoo, not so exciting this week but call in again next week cause I think I'm almost back on the boil with my mojo! Next week I am going to show you how to make an exploding birthday card...yep you read right your intrigued eh? LOL

For 6 years we've gone past this tree I thought I'd better document it.
 The boys call it the furry tree! of course!!! LOL

"c'mon MUMMM you got enough photos, were going without you!!!"


Julie M said...

Yikes! good luck with the memory card... I will check back for a progress report :) The macro images you have are beautiful. It is such a great time of year to get good macros, blossoms make good subjects, they dont talk or walk away lol

A-M said...

Thanks for tip about the SD cards and some lovely nature photos you have shared here.

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