Saturday, August 8, 2009


WHOOPS!!! I kinda missed mentioning these two gorgeous talented gals,

in my over excitment I didnt realise I was sharing the SC page with these two inspirational lass's. I love their work and that just gives us two more whole reasons to buy this month issue of Scrapbook Creations.
Fabulous Layouts guys and the honor is all mine to share a page with you!!! Lets do it again some time! LOL

Don't forget to checkout Georgia's amazing DT work over at one of my favourite stores ...

Georgia's work...

They definately get my YEA for THE DAY!!!

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kchambo said...

YOu know what you have done don't you? I NOW have to go to the newsagent to buy ANOTHER magazine that I don't really NEED, just so I can have a squizz at ya stuff!!! SHeesh.....some people! (well that was for DH's benefit. Off to get it tomorrow, and hey, the moon was full. 'Splains a lot methinks) ROTFPMSL
Oh, I crack me up!!
K xx