Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TECHNIQUE TUESDAY- thinking outside the box

You may have seen this atc I created a while ago , I thought I'd share the brainwave that I think made it! I created the hourglass with chipboard and overhead transparency but how to fill it with something that would act like sand and make it work? I thought about sand - didnt have any, thought about salt any moisture would ruin it. Then I thought outside the square a volia.... I have this glass bead gel medium I got from Allcraftz and I washed the gel off.
To do that I put about three tablespoons in a chinese food container and ran warm water onto it swished it around and placed a fine guaze over the top securing it with a ruber band and then strained the disolved gel off. I did it a couple times then took the beady mush and spead it out on a piece of perspex and left it overnight to dry out. It worked a treat. ( oh except for the bead I got in my eye!) They are so tiny all care need to be taken! The beads have a lovely lumenicent quality. You could use this idea to make any type of shaker box...if you have too much time on your hands! LOL

This is the medium I washed.

These were the hourglass clipart pic's I cut the hourglass out and ran them through the zyron sticker maker which made the job easier. I went over the outline with black zip marker and added some highlights with watercolour pencils ( aquellas or Inktense).

The top picture was just resized clipart off the net I stuck it to black chipboard and cut it out. Then copied it to another piece of chipboard painted it black, and stuck a backing piece on. When all were dry I put the glass beads onto the bottom chipboard then glued a piece of transparency onto the top ensuring I left no gaps the "sand " could sneak out! Then glued the top chipboard picture onto the top. I inked the embossed bronze cardstock, used another image of hands of the net and cut a poem up into strips. One word of advice dimentional magic doesnt seem to aggree with twinkling h2o's that I used to accent the background embossd card stock hence I got a bit of a greenish look to the text...I think it adds to the character ( LOL) but it would depend on what you were creating.!


kchambo said...

OMG!! That is just amazing!! Beautiful. I am an admirer of the vintagey, old look. Just can't do it myself.
You could also have used glass beads. No slimy stuff to wash off, but hey, go with what ya got I reckon!! Great job and great quote.

Elizabeth said...

Hey!! Thanks so much for this ATC it is just fantastic!! Did you put DM on the top of the acetate? It is sightly cracked now (so is different to your picture, but I think it adds to it :)
I'll have them all up on my blog tomorrow, so if you didn't do it, you can check out what I mean, might be the next new technique LOL!!
Soz about the eye ;)