Monday, August 3, 2009


Our dear friends Janet and Guy Murphy just delivered their sixth miracle to the world!!! Darcy Kethel Murphy was born 5.30am yesterday morning. He gave them a bit of a scare coming two weeks early and with an umbilical cord so long it not only wrapped around his neck but after he was born they noticed an actual knot in it! Amazing shock of nature, only the second time the doctor had ever seen it. It caused some dicey moments but they are all happy and healthy now! Thank goodness!!! DARCY IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I saw him today and had a play. What an wonderful gift he is. WELCOME TO THE WORLD MR MURPHY!!!
( I'm not clucky, I'm not clucky, I'm not clucky" she chants to herself! LOL)

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kchambo said...

WOMAN!!! Slap yourself!! You are NOT clucky. You poor friend hurts in all the wrong places, has sore, full boobs and now has to get up all hours of the night for a pooping feeder!! NO WAIT!! That's me!!! LOL
NO, they are great to love and hand over. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Are you going to the Lake Keepit retreat? Aren't you in Wagga? Isn't that a long way and isn't this too many questions?
K xx