Wednesday, August 5, 2009


HA HA Just kidding!....I was having a baby...this time twelve years ago!!!

( and I thought this may raise a few responses! LOL)

That's right my eldest baby turns twelve today.

I think I'm fine with that, its him going to high school next year that freaks me out! LOL (and dates me!) He's soooo excited this year about his birthday! He got some really useful things....DS GAMES! A star wars one and what he desperately had to have ..."Spore creatures". I figured his report card for school was so great how could I not give him a treat! We are soooo very proud of him for the year he's had in the opportunity class at Sturt Primary ( an enhancement program run by the education dept for gifted and talented students) As well as a that he sat his exams for placement in the high school equivillant program and suceeded in getting placement at Kooringal High for next year.... ( In ya face nasty kindy teacher who said at my first parent teacher interview that he'd be the class clown and never amount for anything...I'm not joking thats what she said! HA not doing to badly I think!)
I just love him to bits he's such a bright and clever kid.
I just hope I'm parent enough for him.
I'm still waiting for the manual!

Daniel biggest fans getting in on the act!!!

We had a little birthday tea last night (cheap Tuesday pizza! LOL) and the boys and I created some very pre adolescent cupcakes!!!! LOL Based I think partially on this game they all play plants vs zombies or something like that! I know after the playdoh entry I risk shedding my children in a very bad light but I have to show you they had so much fun (and made soooo much mess) making them. and they are really very lovely sweet children REALLY!

Thank godness my on again off again dishwasher decided to work last night cause the washing up was nearly as hideous as the cupcakes! Look! Uncle Jeff & Aunty Suzie! look what I let my big boy get away with ...this from a woman who let him play with dolls!!! (Whoops sorry Daniel , Action man and Heman arent dolls are they!!!? LOL)

Here's a quick blast from the past....





Di said...

Happy birthday Daniel. Marc it is hard to believe he is 12 but then, I guess, my baby boy is turning 21 tomorrow - ugh - how old do you think I PS: loooove the cupcakes.

Kirsty said...

Happy birthday Daniel! love those cupcakes:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Marcy,
love all your picture mosaics...your family is just beautiful. Boys are so very different to girls and both are to be celebrated but I do get a kick out of the groseness of boys!
Thanks heaps for coming over my way and leaving such a beautiful message...I will have a go at showing how to do the roses on my blog when I get a minute. I found them on nic's blog..I put the link on the post (I think).

kchambo said...

Honey, gotta let you know.............there ain't no manual comin' your way soon! The damn stork is all clean outta them!! you do get to a point with your kids and wonder how you got there.......or how THEY got there. Sometimes it feels like the days will never end, and sometimes you wonder where all the days and years went. Don't worry, you WILL be parent enough for him. I'm sure it's written in a manual.......somewhere. Happy Birthday to Daniel, you look like a gorgeous young fella.