Saturday, August 29, 2009


Flowers, from Denise's garden at Werris Creek,
for my flower photograph collection.

Shots from Denise's garden

Firstly, sorry Taylor for the not so flattering shot, but that man in the middle was my pretending first born, my best friend son, Jesse. Typically with teenagers...eating! LOL I cannot believe I changed your nappy (LOL glad I'm 8 hours away ...I'm not a very good runner!) where does the time go! Last, but not least is jesse's mate the lovely Chris. Still abit worried as my 8 year old wants to know "what hair styling product makes chris's spikes"
because he wants chris's "hairdo"!

Now, to get down on the farm.
Marnies farm, Tamworth...
Boys swingin on Marnies farm gate

How positively cute is this gal,
Grace is Marnies lovely 12 year daughter
Our Daniel, whist trying to look cool, may have made a bit of an impression ? Ya think?


Anonymous said...

omg i cant believe you got a picture of my baby sunday roast lol. i will have to grab some copies of the pics as they look unreal.

kchambo said...

Marcy, you have the gift of taking the photos I dream about!!! I should have got some lessons from you!! LOL So clear and perfectly framed. You clever girl!!! Ps LOVE the pic of Grace, she don't de that for her mother!!! LOL
K xx


trust me its all in the editing!lol

Bronnie T said...

Great photos Marcy. I downloaded some. It was great to meet you at the camp. I think it is the person taking the photos not the editing
Stay cool