Wednesday, August 26, 2009


These are my recent travel ATC's the red vintage car ones were prototypes for the 20 odd I did at the CPR weekend. They were title a little stop on my art journey which I thought was rather poignant. I also did some with alcohol ink backgrounds that looked pretty cosmic and far out!!!

OMG! WOW! What a great space, place and people! COUNTRY PAPERARTS RETREAT at lake keepit just near Tamworth. (I will give in depth details later because I'm still recovering! LOL) but suficed to say Deb Godley did a spectacular job pulling this camp together! the best I've ever been to! It was terrific putting faces to online buddies I'd never met in person, waving madly to Marnie and Sherrie!!!! (thanks for all you mothering, understanding and leading astray:) )

Sherrie managed to avoid getting her mug in here so this is Marnie and I
and a an amazing artist/scrapbooker/and allround "wonder of nature" Pauline.
There isnt a art crafty persuit she cant be admired for perfecting I'm told. I hope to meet up with her again some time, she has so much knollege
I barely tapped into! LOL

Everyone was so friendly. But to those who know me it'll come as no surprise to hear the high light of the weekend was meeting two awesomely amazing ladies, Jill Geraghty Groves (L) and Ngaire Bartlam (R).

Jilly was just as I imagined a genuinely gorgeous gal, who I hit it off with instantly. Shes been a great support to me (for which I can never thank her enough) via email and I hope to stay in contact with her forever. she's got such a big heart and just exudes inspiration. (lol that didnt sound as pretty as I would have liked but you know what I mean ...oh and I hope some rubbed off in whilst taking this photo!!!)

Her class OTP class was brilliant with an emphasis on enjoyment and being creative
(sorry about shocking you jill with the "measuring Marcy", old habits die hard! LOL)

Ngaire was also just as lovely as I imagined and her otp class was crackingly creative, full of flourish, colour and creativity at a pace I've never gone before.... and little ol I managed to pretty much keep up...surprisingly shocking myself! Her kit was chock full of extras and freebies and I love that she gave me an spectacular encouragement award a package from Tarisoda OMG OMG OMG! Beautiful!

Everyone aggreed their classes were fabulous
and they were both so generous with their time
and their humour (which I loved!) LOL

Time constraints sent us home with homework so neither project has photo's so I will post them when they are both finished master pieces...hopefully before next years camp!

Jill and Ngaire both mentioned they'd like to teach next year so

I think I'll have to make it an annual pilgrimage!

The weekend also gave me a chance to catch up with some of my dearest friends, Denise, Greg and Jesse Mason. As always they had me covered while I left DH at their house
with the kidlets while I went off to get scrappy. Thankfully they were still my friends
when I returned and apart from Jarred eating them out of house and
home there were no major breakages to speak of! LOL
I think the best thing I got out of this week end is a sence of gratidude for good friends.
I wouldnt have been there was it not for the generousity of my friend Shantell, I wouldnt have been at the camp if it wasnt for the encouragement of our good friends the Masons helping out with the kids and I probably wouldnt have dared to venture out at all if not for the lure to learn from and be around some really insiration women.
Be they new, old, the kind you only see in type or the ones that will be there for life,
are an essential joy one must have in ones life!
(oh so true but maybe too deep for this blog... so insert belching noise here!)


stay tuned for more installments from my adventures....


Jodi said...

Hi Marcy.. It was great to meet you!!! Were you the measuring culprit in class!! That was way too funny!!!!
But i so agree about the weekend! It was awesome, and i am also making the annual (1/2hr) pilgrimage to camp and i am going to be dragging my Gunnedah friends next year!!! lol
Look forward to seeing the results of your classes! I think we need to check up on each other to make sure we did our homework!!! lol
Catcha later!!

phillipa said...

Was great to meet you Marcy and many thanks for the gorgeous ATC! I'll be making the loooog trek from Qld again next year too hopefully! Pleased to see you got home safely.

Anonymous said...

hey love
wow that isnt a bad pic of my twenty chins pmsl. i am glad you had a great time and yes i cant help but mother people sometimes lol. you were an inspiration to me on the weekend and by crikey you better start saving for next year lol. love ya darls.

Jill Geraghty-Groves said...

Hi gorgeous girl! Sooooo fabulous to finally meet you IRL! Loved Loved Loved meeting you and can't wait until the next time!

kchambo said...

It was so great to meet you Marcy and I was blown away by your ATC's. You know, I so did not get them........but after witnessing firsthand the detail and the technique that goes in to them, I am impressed. I can't believe you fit so much onto an itty bitty card,!
The weekend was so special, ( I was a bit overwhelmed for most of it )and Deb needs a wonder woman t-shirt I reckon. Pity you missed witnessing Marnies wet t-shirt spectacular!!! PMSL! Oh baby, you missed something there!!! There's always next year. She is less shy the warmer it is.......LOL Not sure if I'll get there next year but.........I could always sell a child!!!!