Friday, July 31, 2009


Last day of the school holidays and still cant get outside to play!!! ARGGGH! Discover a xmas present that got stored in the shed and forgotten about (there is a god! LOL) One huge playdoh caddy. So I get out the ATC's I'm working on and we all "play " together at the kitchen bench!
But all to soon I can see a theme emerging.....
( disclaimer: All care was taken to raise these boys with manners and in a dignified manner but unfortunately in the nurture vs nature debate, the nature of three boys will always be overwhelming!!!LOL) scroll down...

" Oh I am sweet Connor , I am always totally innocent and I'm not actually hiding
a brown playdoh creation under the table called mr Poo!"

Please note this is a cat with a ball of wool as per instructions
and a dog with ....a fire hydrant? that wasn't in the instructions!

AHH! a cute little parrot from Daniel....

And the pies ta Resistance... Jarred made a Giant dog, which was really impressive. It was the giant wee that wasn't so impressive!!!
Oh lordy ...only in MY house of boys!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

pmsl, that is too funny. my girls are 6 and 5 and master archie is 2. 2 years ago i would have argued nurture, but now i KNOW it is 99% nature. boys are just different! georgia xx

Peg said...

Hey there Marcy
Thanks for dropping by my blog, be good to meet you in a few weeks :-)
I have 3 boys (with a girl in the middle) so I know just where you're coming from!