Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This was based on the notebook challenge for American National Scrapbooking Day celebrated recently on Wicked Princesses. Well worth checking out the blog as there is a step by step instruction for the notebook creation. Very cute and make a great gift. I didnt have a notebook but I have had these Mellisa Frances note books for ages with no use for them ...Volia!
I used leftover papers from the warlock kit, tim holtz crackle paint MM alpha stickers, BG & satin ribbon and wool. The idea being no one need pinch mum's phone book again as all the emergency and frequently rang friends and family phone numbers are now TIED to the wall below the phone!!! Now to find time to actually write the phone numbers in! LOL

constructed with the Enchantress Kit from

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Anonymous said...

Marc, this is gorgeous and a great pic of Sarah. Cheers Di