Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Mothers disclaimer: Overruled by the majority I wish to make it known I do not condone the swimming of mad children and men on 18 deg days!

oh yea, thats right I have a blog. Sorry I kinda forgot its been a busy time here. Where is the year going ...speeding past! With all its ups and terrible downs April's over (thankgoodness).

Up was joining the wicked princess Design team, EASTER, watching my Pop at 85 yrs old march on Anzac day, my son Jarreds birthday, my dads birthday and a trip to Turross Head.

Downs, well there really only one every year...the anniversary of my great friend and MIL's death. It sneaks up on us every year.

Jacqueline was a gorgeous person loved by so many people, taken from us all unexpectedly amidst tradgic circumstances. Even 8 years on it still throws our whole family for a six. It was all I could do to bundle up my DH and get him down the coast and put a fishing rod in his hand in an effort to cheer him up. Grief is a strange creature, I do not wish to know any better.

On the up side Tuross Heads , near Batemans Bay is a lovely place to escape to despite the south coast weather perfect one minute... wet and frezzing the next! Mum and Dad have their retirement fund invested in a house down there which they shared with us. Dad and Dave (LOL) go out on the ocean, fishing just outside Mourya Heads. Dads training Dave to eventually take the helm when he's an overly crusty old sea dog!

They only got out due to the weather twice while we were away but luckily we borrowed a little tinny and Tuross has a great lake to take the kids out in. Connor my 8 year old is turning into quite the fisherman! Dan on the other hand is fine if we let him take his Nintendo DS and Jarred ...we'll we're always happy if he mangages not to go overboard while he talks to the fish and puddles in the water. (hmmm could explain why we dont catch anything! LOL)

Anyway were back now kids are back at school, I've nearly caught up with the washing! (stuffs nearly coming out of the washing machine minus sand!!!) SO My next job is to bring you up to speed on the scrappin front cause I've been a very naughty girl and havent shown anyone what I've been up to..... stay tuned!

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