Wednesday, May 6, 2009

RANDOM shots

A new friend I made at Tuross Head. Do you think he'd pose with his tongue hanging out!?

That's the only shot out like 30 I took that he indulged us!

The boys were amazed how snake like the lizard was and how close he's let us get to "pat" him. Then Grandma told them all about when their uncle was a little boy and how he'd spend the holidays with a pet on on his shoulder. Uncle Jeff... the blue tongue lizard whisperer!

ONE WORD....CHEEKY! Literally!!! Someone thought they were hilarious wiggling it for all to watch his "new dance" That's it no more "So you think you can dance" TV show for you honey bun!

Dad and Dave when camping/fishing at the river at Galore just before Easter. Didn't involve catching alot of fish but did involve an upturned boat and alot of water... there was only one casualty...Dave's blackberry mobile phone!!!! That went swimming with him in his pocket. We went out for BBQ lunch on the last day (very sensible I thought! LOL)

Looking down the river

The "Galore" river camping spot ( complete with long drop loo (yucko!)

Okay I know they're weeds but how amazing is nature!

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