Friday, April 3, 2009



All you have to do to win this beautiful pack (and just in time for Mother’s Day), either purchase a kit, or load your work into the gallery. There’s no hidden agendas, no tricks or surprises. It will be a random draw so everyone has a chance of winning.

soaps may vary from the image shown

A big thankyou to Gabbie for this fantastic prize, so make sure you do pop on over to her site and check out all the other gorgeous handmade soaps she has.


(be in it to win it! LOL!)

Here's my version of Aprils sketch challenge. I'm not as happy with it as I could have been ...I think I suffered a bit of stage fright! LOL ! I couldn't bring myself to cut the last photo to fit the journaling in so I'm busy de boying and doing another version that's smack you in the face pink!!! There will be no extensive heat embossing on this one I think I inhaled enough powder to develop coal miners lung! raotf! (So please click to enlarge and see the wicked flames!!!)Despite a couple ordinary aspects I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look on Jarred's face as he rides away for the first time flat out!

and at the risk of sounding like the shopping channel
I have one more thing to tell you about...

I am trialling this idea for embossing that just popped
into my head while "boring shopping" with DH ...


Are you sick of blowing your $30+ buying a tiny embossing tray ....
try the
for just $6.95 from Autocheap!!!

and here's how to do it....

  • Stamp on project with watermark or glue pad

  • Chuck your whole project into the oil pan

  • Throw on embossing powder

  • Wiggle it all around a bit ( the Oil pan but feel free to interpret any way you want ...LOL)

  • Tip your paper up shake off the excess

  • Use a house paint brush to brush the remaining unused powder down to the pourer

  • Pour it straight into the embossing powder container

:) :) :)

Here's my last SHARE of the day ...

Some pic's I found I took a month or so ago I unearthed today I'd forgotten all about ...

okay that's enough for today, hope you had a great one...

the natives here are way too quiet here, goodness knows what could be going on ....LOL!


Kirsty said...

Love the wicked flames!!
I hate it when my kids are too quiet...they are ALWAYS up to something bad:)

Anonymous said...

love your stuff marcy. wtg.

Anne P said...

Hi Marcy, thanks for your comments on my pictures at WP, yes I made the boxes and it was tricky. Love your take on the sketch, still working on that one myself :)

Jane Smith said...

Oh Marcy, your photos are stunning!!