Monday, March 16, 2009


Its come to my attention that some of my recent work has been getting "lost" amongst my idle chit chat so here's a newy and a bit of a recap (LOL)....

This is my latest offering .... sorry I think the scan got cropped a little bit crooked....

(NOT, NOT, NOT COMPLAINING, DH went into work to scan it for me god bless him !!! :)

Watch the rocket ship

I think its ready to

take off....












Look closely.....


The rocket ship is on a slide mechanism that goes up to revel The blast off stamp and hidden journaling that gives the who and when details. Don't you LURVE the robot and rocket ship stamps!!! It was INQUE BOUTIQUE "OUT OF THIS WORLD " kit it came complete with Stamps. This month they have a kit on sale " Jungle Boogie" kit its got all these gorgeous zoo animals in it ...I can visualise the page in my head already!!! I digress....

I must say as happy as I am with the cute little rocket ship slide I don't think I'll be attempting it on short notice again. I think I said a couple choice words as I worked it out....oh I meant I said "Houston we have a problem" a couple of times! LOL

I got my update from Aussie Scrapbooking on Friday that mentioned a Design team submission at WICKED PRINCESS (see link) closing on the Sunday the 15th so I hopped to it. I used a kit I'd had from the store I'd been busting to play with so if nothing else comes of it...mission accomplished. ( I really hope it does though cause I love the website and concept...& I love playing with kits!!!)

Keep you eyes out for the matching card that was the practice prototype! LOL


This is my "BOX O' LOVE" Created using the Karen Foster Advent 3D calender. I love this one it really reflects where I am atm, the style I lean towards, and was made for DH. It sits on his desk at work and each day he opens a draw (more than one depending on what sort of a day he's having!) and inside is a note from either me or one of the kids telling him why and how much we love him...oh and lets not forget there's the added bonus of a Darryl Lee chocolate heart in each one! ( that reminds me....I must visit DH at work more often!) When he gets through them we will write more notes and re fill it for him!
Thats it for now...

although I can feel a family update

and one of those sexy CHA updates coming on!!! LOL

stay tuned .......

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