Monday, March 16, 2009

SOME NEWY'S & old fav's

Daniels even got me saying "thats so...random!" oooh that was random! LOL

Oh OCTOBER AFTERNOON PP AND PRIMA ...HOW I LOVE THEE ....oh and I'm pretty darn fond of my subjects here too, my dear dear Sister Suzie and my darling nephew Zak. Standby photos have been promised of the newest nephew Samuel ...I cant wait!

No idea why this decided to be upload crooked but maybe it was because it was such a free spirit kinda layout! This is Daniel I said " pose anyway you want too and I will use it" ahhh ummm OKAAAY... I do love this one though. Hand drawn wax swirls washed with rainbow watercolours a little hand beaded mirror and some hippy indian feathers. This will always be a favourite because it was so much fun!

This Canvas keepsake card was created for a friends workmate who had been on leave unwell. The pocket inside held 40 little tags each with a get well message from her collegues. NOice!

Those of you who know me well are going oh no not the "PEAR" shaped light bulbs again....I hated the paper I had to use for this challenge but I found a way to love it! I came up with this idea to papermache/decopague tiny little torn up bits of it onto the light bulbs, then mod podged over it. Throw on a couple gems volia... I ADORE these they sit to this day in my buffet cabinet and take note: in these troubled times....

We must think of the enviroment... recycle, re-use, renew people!!!!

Last fav' for the day.......

Connor my second born we realised actually looks like I did when I was his age as apposed to the other two boys ...I quote "geez ya didnt get a look in there" You have no idea how many times people have said that to me about my eldest and youngest! But isnt this pic so cute!

okay enough already of the memory lane trip!

happy scrappin' :)

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