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These are what I recently submitted for a very exciting opportunity to be part of the ADDICTED TO CRAFT design team. There are some big names and brilliant work floating around the blog so I don't think I stand much of a chance but here's hoping!!! ( oh and if the ATC are reading this ...please please please give me a chance to play on your team, 110 % commitment and a bevy of beautiful creations is what I have to offer!!!! SHAMELESS I know! LOL)
It is a wonderful opportunity to work with gorgeous products! Products like October afternoon, MME, Daisy D's and Prima, and thats just the tip of the ice berg!!! Looking at their website I also noticed some amazing products I'd kill to work with, there is a PP line called Dove of the East, full of stunning colours and the designs are influenced by countries all over the world. The designs are so beautiful and intricate. Ten Second Studio is another brand that thrills the arty farty me, its products are basically metal you can add texture and embossing to.

I tried to exhibit my my interest in working with these products by creating the angel wings on the Valentines day card featured below. Since I've been exploring art journals I developed a real love for working metals and textures into my pages. Just love it love, love it! I think I forgot to mention to ATC what a product junkie I am! LOL I just love to try new things.

Anyway, Here's their blog, check it out its a very exciting place

and the shop address
It is wholesale but there's heaps to look and drool at. As well as a great blurb about an awesome little cutting machine called The Creative Cutter Inspiration.

This amazing little cutter hooks up to your computer You then have the machine cut from a stored or downloaded image or you can design your own Best of all it t doesn't need all those expensive cartridges the other machines need. The Creative Cutter Inspiration has a 12” cutting width and cuts paper, heavy cardstock, vellum, almost any fabric, lightweight chipboard, metal foils, iron-on vinyl and more!
With the optional tools you can Draw, Emboss, Distress, Needle Punch, Create Stamps and more! YIKES!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!

My nephew Zak is having a birthday this week I'm hoping when I send this card there wont be a fresh outbreak of monsters under the bed at night! LOL

The photos loose allot of the detail on this card which is unfortunate considering the gorgeous little cherub started out life as a barely there white line drawing on a piece of MME PP. I drew around him filled in his details and gave him a golden halo, wings and bow and arrow. Yep bit excessive but when you have a mental image of what you could do sometimes you just have to go with it...oh and have I mentioned HOW MUCH I WANT THAT DT POSITION!!! LOL No seriously it was fun and you all know how much i love to do those fiddle types of things!

I love this page to bits! I have had this photo for ages and it's such a lovely photo of my Sister, my Nephew and I.

I took a risk here with this layout when it seems the whole world wants neat tidy "pretty" pages but teen age boys just don't do "pretty"! I haven't got allot of pages of Daniel and the picture was one of a lovely series of pic's that really brought it home to me just how grown up he's becoming! LOT'S of layering papers, paints and a gorgeous Hambly Screen Prints overlay. It suits Daniel down to the ground even including his favourite saying " that's so seriously random! Every things "random" at the moment so I laughed my self silly when I saw the Prima teen rub ons and that phrase was there in bits and pieces! The little journal card is an October Afternoon stamp and rather than just tick one box and talk about that in the notes section, I created a key. I gave each subject a different colour /patterned box and then redrew them in the notes section creating an overview of Daniels tastes and personality. It'll be great to look back on later!

Just thought I'd show you this one. I do allot of canvas keepsake cards I really love the idea.
I was so frustrated when sending of my submission as all the good shots of this OTP were on my external hard drive which was on the fritz. So I could only send the front of the card, Today I got it going again and this is the inside and and an overview. Photo's don't do things justice some times there is allot of hand stitching (which I love to do on canvas cards!) and I don't think you can really see it. Pretty Patterned paper though!
Anyway, must go I have some other work to upload shortly some older stuff that hasn't been photographed till now and some really new stuff that I love! Keep an eye on this space! :)

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wishing you the best of luck marcy but i think they are mad if they dont snap you up. your talent if i could bottle it would make me a millionaire lol.