Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was shattered, like everyone around Australia I think, who has watched the tradgic events of the last couple weeks unfold in Victoria. I am so sorry for those who have had to endurethe heartache and loss, horror and devestation of these terrible ferious fires. I took some time out to condemplate their experience when the smoke came over us last week. I went for a bush walk and took some pic's. Everyone had been speaking about the bush being so dangerous but how to you weigh that up with the beauty of surrounding yourself with nature.

Believe it or not! Lake Albert is right there covered in smoke
and we are 5 hours away from Melbourne!

View from the back of Willian's hill, wagga is down there somewhere!

I also have to say the outpouring of donations has been amazing in these tough fininial times. It made me ever so proud last week to hear our little local school of 300, that my two youngest boys attend, raised over $1600 on a muftiday last week to go to towards the bushfire appeal. Not bad for a bunch of primary school children!

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Anonymous said...

great pics marcy. the smoke is unreal. i really love the pic of the stump and wire. it reminds me of here lol.