Thursday, January 29, 2009


All three boys

Connor, Daniel and big little school boy ....Jarred!

I love them dearly and am so proud of my greatest master pieces!

(Daniel taking the lead in the three amigo's recreation! LOL)

My youngest darling went off to school this morning without a backward step, happy as! Not WOOHOO'ing that he's gone...just that he went so very well, so grown up and ready for the fun.

Truth be know absolutely no separation anxiety here. I a huge hall , where all the nervous parents and kindy kids were waiting before going into their classes, he literally crossed the floor so to speak. One minute we were sitting patiently, next minute he's off all excited and cheering to see a preschool mate. Took his bag with him and went to go and sit with one of his preschool friends and his dad! Leaving my husband and I red face sitting together wondering what we ever worried about! Other parents were trying to stop themselves from LOL !!!

That's Jarred for you ...theatrical, fearless and outgoing! He'll be CEO of multimillion dollar company before we know it....or a talk show host (hey Oprah earns a nice living!). AWWW okay we'll settle for the moment on conquering kindy ....he's got plenty of time before he takes on the world! LOL I was, though, I have to say so proud of him...he looked so handsome ...okay no Kleenex moments here, not doing it! I'm being tough, goodness knows 12 years of stay at home parenting should have at least taught me that! LOL

I have more excitement to share ....... Scrapbook Creations are publishing one of my favourite layouts of Daniel. I feel I've achieved a personal milestone ... published layouts and or work, in each of the big three......Scrapbooking Memories, For Keeps and now Scrapbook Creations!

It going to be in issue 66 "the artist within" theme. The actually accepted two layouts accidentally for the same theme . I am so glad they went with the one they did because Daniel will get such a thrill out of seeing himself. Now I'm of to work on getting Connor published, cant have two without three! Standby for my new blog specifically for displaying my work its called



jodar said...

Woo hoo on all things! I am so glad that Jarred went off like a dream! Congrats on the publishing of another layout great job!

tsh2650 said...

Well done Jarred on starting school and be so grown up. Marcy, its great that you have been published (AGAIN!!!!- WOW).

See you soon