Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Okay pretend I didnt skip a week or two ( I'll go back eventually!LOL)

I just had to share this just finished journal for my darling sister who owns a graphic design business (which means she probably likes clean lines and perfect design?....whoops I give her fluff and grunge!) Anywho, it grew a life of its own and it is my first altered book so I'm pleasently surprized with how it turned out.. Sorry about the pictures the batteries always decide to give up when you want to photograph something you've worked every night for a week on! GRRRR
So whadya think? be brutal leave a comment a little voice keeps saying havent you ever heard "less is more" ? RAOTFL .....thats like telling me to be quiet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

bloody hell marc - this is absolutely FANTASTIC! I absolutely love it! You are too good chicky!

Anonymous said...

omg girl i love it love it love it. feel free to make me one pmsl. you are so clever darls i am sure she loves it. you will have to email me your ph number soon too darls so i can return the call. love ya