Monday, January 26, 2009


I thought I'd give my profile a little makeover this evening. You know a quick little update for the new year. Hours later, after writing and rewriting, after taking all my attempts at humour out... I realised I write, on occasion, like I talk! ALOT!... ( oh yea now you'll all leave comments I bet! LOL)

1,200 characters .. phooey to you blog!

So I may regret posting this as I often do late at night, after a frustrating computer moment but here's version 582 of the whittled away profile you see in the column to your left..... ( and yes mum I have spell checked it! LOL)

Scrappychick's my username, or the name I use if you don't like my work, but my real identity is that of Marcy Smith! Wife and SAHM mum to three wild wonderful, crazy beautiful boys, Jarred 5, Connor 7 and Daniel 11! Forget what you think you know about raising boys...mine are the cute, cuddly, smart as variety but often life in our household resembles a cross between that reality show with the nanny, men behaving badly and survivor! With my boys demonstrating their ever increasing ability to outwit, outplay and out last the rest of us!

Where do I fit in, well, I have been told on occasion I'm a bit arty farty. A badge I've learnt to wear with pride and joy! I am a giver and as much as I enjoy the art process I get just as much if not more back if someone enjoys what I have done. In getting in touch with my "artness" I've started to create art journals thanks to Vivian Bonders introduction I cannot believe the beautiful world I have been shown, one with no boundaries or rules. Full of rich colour, textures and ultimately the freedom to express what I feel, think and see. To find and define my creative passion

So there I am in a nut(ty) shell....I'm a devoted wife and mum, a self confessed addicted scrapbooker and papercraft artist,(my mother used to say... its like I've joined a cult! LOL) with delusions of published grandeur!!! I guess for now I'm in a happy place, creating with love, for the good of my soul and for the enjoyment of family and friends.

This year begins a new chapter for all of us, beginning with our youngest starting school! I am excited to see him learn and grow. I'm also looking forward to having a little more freedom to learn, grow and seek out new challenges! Who knows what possibilities lay ahead in the beautiful year ahead of us! This feels like the year to grasp life with both hands. (or at least to watch the midday movie a bit more often! LOL)


PS I'm a comment junkie! I like lots of lovely, laughable feedback! but I will settle for constructive criticism ( long as its not from immediate family! I've already bought your xmas presents off the clearance tables and they're non refundable! LOL)
So go crazy! I'd love to read whatever comes into your mind!

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