Saturday, January 3, 2009


A few of my friends are doing the POTD challenge (photo of the day) which involves taking a photo a day for the year to get a scrapshot I mean a snapshot of the everyday for a year. I've decided to create my own little version called... 7 SNAP SHOTS OF THE WEEK THAT WAS! (cause I couldn't think of a longer title! :))
I know me better than anyone and I wouldn't adhere to a daily post. LOL

So to prevent a perpetual apology ever blog entry I'm going to give this version a go.

I'm thinking it'll be a Monday morning wrap up of the week that was in the Smith household.

I didn't take
alot of decent pic's
this week but here goes...


As my mother and her mother before her would have said ...

"You just dont see the danger, like I do" . Ah yep I do.

Well their Dad, bless him, thought it up and touch wood no accidents ...yet.

This "Remote control motorbike with a rider on it" was on the list and Jarred nearly turned inside out when he opened it and realised it "was on the list"

Everyone makes aliens on new years day? DONT THEY?

But first.....
before you can indulge in the alien making you must create the rocket ships for them to fly ...oh and the three storey space station!!!

Whippin' up a few extra terrestrials, out in the shed.

How did Santa know....this is a boys dream!


looks like Daniel's had a brainwave

as he announces, he is now... DOCTOR DAN!


Yet again proving I am indeed a Mother of three boys cries of glee erupt at the suggestion we make the aliens with red glitter guts! (AHEM!)

Then for something all together different....


We visited the war memorial and I must say it is one of the most impressive I've seen. Constucted on a massive hill overlooking town the monument itself is huge, and alot of thought has gone into how it has honoured each soldier with individual plaques circling the epitafe, Their Name rank, where the fought and their age. It really was moving as we looked at some of the names the boys were quite solomn and reflective as they considered each solider and how old they weren't and would never be.

The view was amazing from the top of the hill, and stretched out for kilometers across the Valley bellow and the winding Murray River.

Everyone laughed when we said we went for a drive to Albury, as its not that far away. I guess it doesnt sound like adventurous school holiday fun, but we had a ball. The boys havent stopped talking about their big lunch out at the commercial Club (like we dont feed them?!...we do but usually not in public! LOL) and the shops were huge many and brilliant (esp. Spotlight ...I got in so much trouble! Cant wait to go back!)

Apparently they have a ten pin bowling alley so we are going back another day of the holidays to give the boys their first bowl that doesn't involve the Wii! I think they might be shocked to find out that its not as easy as it seems on a video game!


jodar said...

good job! love the BIG BIG BIGGER (as T would say)trampoline! bet that keeps the boys occupied!

Anonymous said...

omg what a great baby sitter pmsl. that trampoline looks like so much fun. throw on some mozzie spray and they are the best thing to lay on and watch the stars. it was so great to talk to you on the phone the other day. cant wait for our next chat. mwah

ED @ Allcraftz said...

You have been awarded the Spreader of Love Award on my blog :-)