Saturday, January 3, 2009


Pretty low key but lovely christmas here in smithsville! The Ballard Grandparents had a sleepover christmas eve, which the kids were exstatic about! Dad (Pa) and Dave had a couple of brown lemonades at the local. Then Mum (ma) and Marc took a long drive to everywhere to look at the lights while major construction began on the new trampoline in the backyard!
Kids in bed by midnight and off I go into the backyard to check on the construction progress....OMG! .... there was a lunar eclipse in my backyard!
I wish someone who spoke in feet had come shopping with me .....14 foot is er... um... rather large! Yessum when marcy stuffs up she does it big time! LOL
The kids were RAPT!!!!
It probably could of looked smaller ....
if we werent still putting it together at 2.30am !!!
Dave was one determined dedicated dad! I was very proud off him!!!

Then the whole santa presents thing, there was lots of delighted screams "that was just what I wanted!" (phew!LOL) That is definately the best bit :)

Just checkin it all out (eg who's is that big one thinks jarred!) ...

the calm before the wrapping paper storm!
the little big one....

and we've been WIIing ever since!!!

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