Saturday, November 8, 2008

More interesting posts to come??? LOL

This is a little something I whipped up for a friend's friend a couple of weeks ago I really love doing these canvas cards and have done a stack of them but there's so much work in them I couldn't ask what they're worth so I don't. Mostly I cover materials (depending on whether like on this one I'm inspired to pearl bead the card and cant visualise it finished without them and blow almost the whole budget on Maria George pearls!LOL NOT!) and the investment of soul is free!!! Its a fair exchange a piece of myself expression wanders out into the world, hopefully to be admired and is returned to me in good karma which can never be bought and sold with dollars and cents! I'm not getting rich anytime soon eh?! Anywho ... It uses BASIC GREY(known from hereon in as BG) Pattered Paper (PP) The pinky purply (techno speak!) EVA RANGE! and feature a tag pocket on the inside where a whole office of people sent well wishes to the work colleague it was for! AHHHH! NOICE!

Not much going on here today, just spring cleaning all day! OMG 11 year old boys can accumulate so much tiny junky messy , lego ,lolly wrappers! ARGHHh! I took three shopping bags of broken toys and rubbish out of DS!'s room! At least that's all three's rooms cleaned and rearranged boy it feels good! The mess just crept up on me! DH even helped!

You'll never guess what I spent my whole time thinking of while I cleaned up .....personalised canvases for each boys room! DS1 Has the whole pre teen grunge/fatigue look going on in his room, and DS3 has space ships and rockets and well DS2 , there's a story there.... LOL

I got a set of sassafras robot stamps last week, they're not new, I've wanted them for ages. Purely by coincidence, I found myself oddly compelled to buy a new doona cover I saw in Target, for DS2's room. What a thrill when I realised the doona cover almost matches the robot stamps....I can so feel a themed canvas coming on! He's a soccer nut so I suggested a title something like ....There's nothing robotic about this super star sportsman except maybe he plays like a unstoppable machine!!! DS2 thought that was maybe a little more thought!

I'm going to be working on a new banner and a photo gallery of some description to jazz up the blog and actually start telling people it exists...that would help in getting a response! LOL
Oh the interesting blog posts ummm well...there coming up! Stay tuned... for getting messy with me and the legendary VIVIAN BONDER (what a talented lovely gal!!) as I tackle Viv's (DEVINE!) online art journal class!

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