Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well, here goes nothin' first log into my blog!

Hello world .....
(hope theres no copywrite law on an openning like that!) yep... thats one thing you must know about me before we begin...I have an odd sense of hummour and my motto is "I live to entertain!" So I aim to bring a smile to your dial when I can and hopefully a bit more than that, possibilly some inspiration as I share with you my artful journey.

I dont want to bore you all to much but be warned I wont be able to blog without the odd update from my greatest family! Stay tunned for a upcoming blog that called "what my son and I set fire to in the name of art this week!" LOL

I have resisted entering this world for sometime on the grounds that I am a hands on paint and paper tecnophob kind of gal. I dont even own a mobile phone theres a laugh, in this day and age! I figured between my 11 yr old son, whos computer skills have evolved beyond any mere mortals, and my IT wizz of a husband I should be better equipt than most novices to enter this playground and yell for help if I need too! I felt it was time to get my own non online shop space where I could keep my body of work for others to parouse.

I actually tossed up with what to call this space...Gettin scrappy with it, Check the art but my favourite possible blog name was Scrappychicks peepshow! I thought it was catchy and a crackup but maybe not as pc or comercial as it should be here we are. I guess I should explain that title abit more while I'm going... when my scrapping moved onto the internet I developed an alter ego who goes by the username Scrappychick. I love this nickname it is so me on so many levels.

I am going to leave you now, (vowing never to publish my musings again at this ridiculous hour!) with a little something I saw today that made me laugh because it was also so me ....

12.15 AM

You can find this queen at a beyond brilliant website I stumbled onto today...just don't buy her before I get the chance!


tarellagirl said...

Well, how impressive! Is there anything you can't do Scrappychick? Leap tall buildings in a single bound perhaps? Nah, I reckon you could do that too! Your creativity blows me away.


oooohhh shucks and I thought my first and only comment would be from me MUM!!!! WOW know where to send the invoice! LOL