Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is my first lil' project,  for SCRAPWARE. I thought I'd try show em what floats my boat. Getting creative... with imagination! LOL I like to create anything my imagination comes up with. Fortunately or unfortunately ( this took about 2 weeks!)  some times it runs away with me! LOL

I really love the recent Graphic 45 steampunked paterned papers and they work so devinely with SCRAPWARE cogs and GERMAN SCRAP. This just popped into my head
I love that mistake forgiving metalurgy/grungey look .

I have used a 12 x 12 canvas, turned it over and used the back as the front! LOL 
I covered with Paterned paper and painted cardboard
then I have added flowers and embellishments.

PRODUCTS USED:  Canvas frame, Graphic 45 steampunked paterned papers, GERMAN SCRAP wings,, cardboard, gold embossing powder, silk flowers, gold mesh ribbon, wire, upolstory tacks, Screw head brads, acrylic paints, metal picture corners, Ranger black Dauber, Plaid Dimentional magic and SCRAPWARE CHIPBOARD...

To create the "metal" finish on the Scrapware chipboard pieces. I used a process, for those who dont know, called  "Heat embossing". This enamel surface on the SCRAPWARE chipboard is made by using a sticky clear ink pad ( Versa craft watermark pad), and a  fine gold metalic powder. The powder melts onto the chipboard when heated with a heat gun. A heat gun can be purchased from any scrapbooking, craft or hardware shop. It's a little like a hair drier except the heat is hotter and more concentrated.  The fine powder comes in all the colours of the rainbow and it is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cover chipboard pieces. If you have any questions leave me a message, email me here and
I'll do my best to answer any query you may have :)

ABOVE: I have used two large SCRAPWARE
cogs at the back and three smaller ones beside the SCRAPWARE alphabet title.

More Cogs on the back.

Along with the Albert Einstein's quote that inspired the piece

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Great quote eh? He had a million wonderful words as well as thoughts it would seem.
Google Albert Einstein's quotes and you'll be amazed they make really interesting reading!

( I chickened out of putting on the front because it...errr ummm...could make it too Busy...
oh shhh and in case I messed it up!! BOCK BOCK BOCK!!! LOL)

I used the diamond flourished on both sides and at the bottom of the canvas.

For the two flourishes on the sides I cut the centre out of the middle diamond
and replaced it with a watch cog, for a bit of added interest.

For the centre piece I used an inchie frame with the plain backing chipboard rotated
to create a diamond shape. I finished by gluing a few SCRAPWARE cogs into "scattered"
positions around the flowers.

The flowers I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to say were Prima delious but sadly no, I rarely buy flowers, with the boy factor in my house! LOL That and  there was no time to source them. 
( But....***shameless plug*** go to SCRAPTIVATE to find loads of lovely flowery goodness!)

So I bought a shrub of white flowers in a pot from the Reject shop and then this is where it gets tricky.... I sprayed them to match the papers with beautiful wonderous Tattered Angels Glimmermists. Layering different colours till I got the matching colours
(sadley the Photo doesn't do them justice... they are lushious, SPARKLE and match the PP colours
almost perfectly! ggrr those blue flowers are G45 teally/green!!!)

Anyway enough waffling on for tonight! LOL
Oh actually....
I must mention join in the fun at


and be inspired
and kept up to date on the latest Scrapware releases on their blog...


(oh and .... could I throw in steak knives! LOL)
till next time....
now I am done!



Mel Connell said...

this is freaking amazing Marcy! xxx

Jenny said...

AWh - I love this Marce - Im so into the Steampunk as well !!
I think it might be a mum of boys thing even LOL xoxoxox

Dolly B said...

Love it ! and thank you for leaving such a encourageing comment on my blog :) I have never submitted to a magazine before,but I just might submit the layout Shhh after your lovely comment. Thanks heaps

Kim said...

these are just INCREDIBLE marcy ust way to amazing

sue said...

great work! I've been looking for a recessed frame for ages,when you wrote about turning the canvas over, I was so excited, that was the answer to my search, something so simple! got me so excited, now to put the idea into action!