Thursday, February 17, 2011


This months project for SCRAPTIVATE was really fun and interesting, I don't know whether you've noticed I have a "thing" for Quotes and again I have indulged myself using some of my favourites. The hardest part of the project was narrowing it down to just four! LOL

Everything used in this project is available

and here's how it all started life...
some beads,some alcohol inks,
cherry Arte Art stamps,
cuttlebug embossing plates and metal shim,
sheets of silver leaf,
microscope slides and cardboard microscope mailing folders

but as I was umming and ahhh about what this could make gaze fell upon an empty adhesive runner I had just pulled apart for the wheels and cogs*...looking at my 7 gypsies photo carousel and......"BAZINGA" !!! a carousel!!!! Of course!

(* cogs make awesome stamps and you can also find them in Daisy D type rub on runners)

Take one naked empty tape runner, that is crack the cover off!!!

 I broke off some of the base of the tape runner then wondered what I could use as the carousels base???
A HA! I spied a balsa wood octagonal jewelry box which was awaiting alteration.

I nearly said pentagonal but that would have been wrong speaking of tagonal things...

yesterday I saw a friend on FB say:

..... is an octopus with 6 legs called a sextopus?

Stevie : Actually, all octopus have 6 legs. Two of their 'legs' are actually arms. It must be confusing for them too.
friend says: Cool, I never knew. You are now officially the smartest boy I ever kissed at school Stevie.
Miles : Wouldn't it be a hexapus?
friend says: I don't know Miles? Isn't it sextuplets if you have six babies?
Will : I think it'd be called a double amputee octopus.
Miles : Oh you were going for the number of babies approach. I was more thinking an octagon has 8 sides and a hexagon has 6 sides. Maybe Will has nailed it though.

I digress...

So I unscrewed the hinges and latches and painted the bottom of the octagonal box
it then became the base for the carousel.
 Each  microscope packaging was covered with metal shim I had put in an embossing folder and run through my delightful cuttlebug, then painted in the pink and lime colour scheme.

The idea was to give the glass slides a stained window shimmery/luminescent  image. To do that I used silver leafing foil and coated the recessed part of the packaging where the slide would sit to be sent.

Then secured the painted microscope slide into position with a brad and photo anchor. Double Matted my quotes and i tried to match one with each image and adhered them to the metal shim parallel with the microscope slide.

For your viewing pleasure...
Here are some quotes I chose from:
It was then time to glue each slide package together. I the picture above you can see the carousel base ready and the slide packaging pieces all glued together getting encouragement to stick properly from the clips of my notice board! I quite often use bulldog clips to do this sort of thing, if its something I want flat ..."the complete works of Shakespeare" ( seriously not kidding!) , MS Dos training VOLUME and or the trust telephone books!!! Very high tec here! LOL

Then I made a platform for the "quartet" of packaging slides to rotate on, cut a chopstick to size to place in the centre and used a pencil sharpener to sharpen down the chopstick to stick the beads onto. Used a thick black uttee enamelling powder to cover the platform and some decorative rectangles. I then cut and silver "leafed" the decorative square shim "windows and whacked on my absolute favourite German scrap decorative paper lace border  Black Embossed Baroque Border.

and, if you haven't fallen asleep yet,  that's about it! :)

so here's a couple pictures of the finished article....

Hope you liked it.



Kim said...

you are way too clever Marcy, love your digression too LOL

Melanie said...

As I said I love how your brain works rofl!!!! Absolutely unique and cool idea and how it has turned out is unreal!!!! Must start leaving some blog love again! Was only thinking that the other day - tend to lurk more nowadays.. xxx