Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well where to start....
December was a busy month here ...
we had the floods,
we had my FIL staying while my MIL had her hip replaced,
my kitchen got a mini makeover (courtesy of my fils boredom while mil was in hospital),
end of school stuff/presentations,
hubby turned the BIG 40 had a party that wasnt a ment to be a party (LOL)
and then there a trip to Port Kembla to be reunited with his biological mother who had been put into palitive care with cancer,
then down to Tuross head for school holidays ....gasppp!

oh and then ... then there was christmas! LOL

We had two weeks holidays at the best holiday house with the best company... a holiday with my mum and dads at their holiday house not flash but indeed very good rates! LOL Sadly as per usual the south coast did its usual to us rained ...and rained ...and ...a bit more rain with a few scattered showers in between!!!. Christmas with the grandfolk was lovely, mums xmas dinner DEVINE but overall we had three days of sunshine on the last of which the smart parents got third degree sunburn despite remembering to put the sunscreen on the children. TISK TISK "skin cells in truma!!!"

The trip was never boring though we mangaged to meet the lovely staff at both Moryua and Batemans Bay hospitals thanks to the third born falling down a retaining wall on the first afternoon. Thankgoodness it only took 10 hours or so to find out there was nothing broken and just soft tissue injuries had been sustained.

We also learnt that scooters are a dangerous speeding objects. As PREWARNED by the actual MOTHER several times AND just moments before, the mothers prophesy sadly coming true as 13 year old kid  and scooter part company whilst being thrust down a hill at 40km an hour. Who knew you can witness a kid sustain gravel rash to 40% of his body and  a couple hours later, as soon as youre not looking, he'll then line up and throw himself down the same hill on the same scooter to finish the job!!! yep he did in total I used 28 bandaids two dressing and three crepe bandages. Daniel wasnt in such a hurry after that to rush into the salt water for a couple of days but has healed up as kids do pretty quickly I on the other hand worked out I really do loose all sense when I see my kid oozing! Can patch up anyone elses but not my own! LOL

 Just like the DEMTEL man but wait theres more jarred got scooterbar handles to the face.Moving away from scooters and moving onto Daves boat repair injuries a crushed fingernail, a badley bruised arm and muscles pulled in his back!!! 40year oldeh! I on the other hand will not be mentioning my spectacular night time belly flop from the notorious retaining wall into a broken glass on the night before we came home! LOL Sufficed to say if I could have moved either of my knees I would have been furiously clicking my heals together chanting "theres no place like home, theres no place like home" and wishing one of those stupid Tuross storms had turned into a tornato and swept me back to wagga wagga there and Then! Especially when  half the neighbours were out on their balconies watching two blokes scrape up the nutty screaming woman from the drive way concrete!!! Okayeee I just wont be mentioning any of that! 

oh but I gotta mention... hubbys hilarious fopar... he went to sleep on the beach !!! Got a NASTY horribly red on the back of his legs his plumbers crack BADLEY sunburnt  (thats the top of his bottom cheeks where his swimmer shorts crept down, also known to some as "The ashtray area" ) that was good for a laugh till he started to stop people and show everyone and then... he asked me to peel it for him....hmmmm maybe there was a reason I didnt mention that!!!! LOL

Then there was the boat and the ultimate desire to catch truck loads of fish. I was so desperate for hubby to get outside in my dads big boat and just forget his troubles and catch humongous fish...but alas it was not to be ...blocked up toilets, trench digging, serious boat repairs and of course that spectacular south coast wet weather ment 2 weeks equalled 1 trip out in the tinny, 2 trips in the big boat and a motor break down and a grand total of ( drum roll ) no trips out to the wide blue ocean and a total of three fish caught one by Dad, Dave and moi! and ....shhhh get this ***whisper*** giggle*** guess who caught what ... Dad caught a flat head 36cm...Dave ( hee hee) caught a MULLET ( who could be bothered remembering its size!!! LOL AND LIL ol girly ME... MYSELF AND I CAUGHT ......A 57cm flathead out of the Tuross lakes!!!!

Oh dear I hope I havent been too negative in the portrayal of the holiday we no just refer to as... "the xmas of much rain, many scabs and no fish"....  ( well 3 actually! LOL )

I am ment to be kissing the fishy but I cracked up and GOLLY it smelt good! NOT!

A phrase came to me as I reviewed the past two weeks, whilst picking glass out of my arm with tweezzers ... "whatever doesnt kill you only makes you stronger..." to which I drew great amusement and ultimately arrived at this conclusion.  God did indeed have a wicked sence of hummour and was truely determined to see me return in the next life with all the material and humiliation resistance I would need to be a sucessful stand up comic!!! 

I guess I neednt mention... 
theres an up side to everything ... time heals all wounds   and eventually can make anything funny!
so I will leave you with some images of the couple good times....LOL

bit of advice ...which crop?

The boys with "One tree point" in the foreground

 The boys even had some moments of co opporation and harmony as the worked together to
dig the "biggest hole ever!" typical boys revelling and deadly serious about diggin a hole!
The harmony was short lived though as a sand fight took place moments after this pic!

The co opporating didnt extend to helping mum get the "perfect pic" either LOL

 but you know I loved these pics all the same and that day on the beach was pure magic!

ahhh the serenity....



Kim said...

gorgy photos Marcy!

Anonymous said...

I nearly wet myself laughing at your holiday adventures! sounds like a typical family holiday we would have,I usually check where the hospital is where ever we stay first thing.
all I can say is Im glad I don't have 3 boys!
from sue schubert