Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Recently I was fortunate enough to be asked to work for SCRAPTIVATE doing "make and takes" ( mini product lessons)  and working in their show boothe at the SYDNEY PAPERCRAFTS FESTIVAL. It was a three day craft show put on in a Pavillion right beside the Penrith Panthers club. We stayed in a group cabin with the SCRAPWARE ladies Ange and Lisa, which was AWESOME!

Sherry, Ange & Lisa

The show was a friday, saturday and Sunday but because of setting and packing up I went for 5 days. Its been about 3 years since I'd been further than the shops all by myself!!! And that was because I made hubby drive me to canberra and put me on the plane and had my sister waiting at the other end to get me off! So it was a big exciting adventure catching planes, trains and traveling round in hire cars
with lovely but night blind chauffer's! LOL I wont prattle on because most of you all read my 
Facebook page and most of the hijinx was covered there.


The Scraptivate booth was devine to look at only shame was the shows lighting wasn't as good as it could have been ...all that mica infused paints and Glimmermist sparkly sprays would have sold itself if it'd been better
and we could have just sat round talking scraps N drinkin latte's! LOL

 It was a glorious excuse to transform myself getting out of that comfort zone that stuck in rutt home body- who had nanna greying unkept hair and existed only in trackie daks and paint splattered tshirts! The perfect opportunity  to"out" my inner arty farty self  with a new "me" hairdo and wardrobe.  It was a great chance to get some grown up time away from the kidlets, to enjoy the company
of others of the scrapping/creating sisterhood.

oh we did throw a bit of hard yakka in there too ...
but short of rolling around in the mountains of Tatter Angels Glimmer mist bottles... naked.. 
it was work that couldnt have been  more fun!!! ***SNICKER***) 

I remember thinking god maybe I should have worn a red carnation or something as I waited for Natalie wolfe SCRAPTIVATES owner and head awesome chick to pick me up from the train station. It doesnt matter how close you are to the person you've formmed an online friendship its been my experience its  still strange/slightly akward when you first meet that someone in the flesh. LOL  Lucky for our delightfully friendly Natalie is one of the blessed few who live up to their profile picture so straight away it was easy to spot each other and it didnt take long to start joking around  on our way to the show.  

 Arriving at the show. It was so strange to walk into this weird landscape, this frenzied hub of strangers manicly scurrying around everywhere, people unpacking boxes and boxes of products and displays being hammered and drilled .  foriegn sights, sounds and excited energy everywhere as shops set up their booths . It was then she hit me.... Jenny Burns, who I'd never met IRL... grinned.. squealled and clammered over the mountains of stock to throw her arms around me in the warmest embrace finally my nerves strarted to settle as I realised how great it was going to be ...and was to hang out with Natalie and Jen!


okay back to the condensed version...

The few of the highlights for me ...involved  fondling caressing and drooling over the wonderous beautiful products I normally only get to see on a computer moniter... hanging out with tribes of women who "spoke my language" and despite being exorsted from the day everynight finding that extra energy ( thanks maccas)  to "bond" round a table COVERED with paints,inks,papers and chocolate
till some ridiculous AM hour.***sigh dreamily***

The digg's...
Bahaawah the fun had just begun!!! LOL

Natalie UtEE fan  inspiring me to "burn stuff"

My boudoir for the trip... Nepean Valley holiday park (?) BEST bed I have ever slept in!

Far and away the most outstanding moments for me were as I said before meeting lovely cyberarty  friends...putting faces and warm embraces with names some I'd just met others I'd known in some form for years. Please forgive me and feel free to leave an abusive comment if your reading this and I forget to mention you but although I cant remember everyones name
 I was touched by that busy weekend but I do want to say...

 Thankyou for the lurve, your ongoing/online support
and friendship...

SCRAPTIVATES gorgeous and oh soooo funny Nat & Jen,
SCRAPWARE's "whats that you're doing" ubber lovely Ange and Lisa, 
Demo Dynamo eversmilin Sherry Mendoza, 
Trezzy N Gillian potential newest BFF's
Lushious lovely kickarsearty Linda
MS friendly JO who I am to 2 remember loitering outside with
&  last but certainly NOT least
the Twiddley twins of Inspiration Tiff & Jo, 


OH OH OH ...I nearly forgot...
just as importantly ...
to all those who sat at the "make and take table"
and shared a laugh
and a heat gun with me ...Thankyou!
You helped me discover that theres nothing like the rush of
wreaking someones perfectly manicured nails, covering them with paint
and sending them off with a sence of acomplishment and a smile on their face!
Thankyou, Thankyou! What fun we had!!!
I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!!!


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Natalie Wolfe said...

It certainly was an AWESOME time Marcy, loved spending the weekend with you and can't wait till we get to do that again. You rock chicky xxxx