Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AHHH a christening in the family

  My cute little nephew Alex,

 got christened on Mothers day   .......      

It was a beautiful sunny day and Alex Charles Smith was christened at
the same church as his sister,
The Lutheran church in wagga wagga.

He was only slightly upstaged by his cuteee, feisty & charismatic little sister Sarah.
Sarahs here in the pink checkered top looking like shes about to stage dive! LOL

I really loved this church as the minister is a beautiful man and the whole place and service has a really family friendly casual air about it. The minister even holds a special kids service before the official baptism. The kids sit down the front and he tells them a bible story in "kids speak" interacts with them asks them questions and then imparts the moral of the story. Despite not being overly religious I totally enjoy his kind manner and wonderful efforts to connect with the kids.

I got my greatest mothers day gift/smile during his story too. He asked about mothers and what they teach their children and then went round the room asking the eager lil kiddies their gorgeous answers; "she teaches me how to cook" answered one "she teaches us please and thankyou" "she teaches us how to clean up our toys" and so on and so on get the gist. He came to Jarred (Mr. 7) and said "so what does you mother teach you?" to which Jarred said as proud as punch..."she teaches me art!" The whole room chuckled and I melted I was so happy he didn't say she teaches me vacuuming or washing up! LOL

Later Jarred got to help the minister out by holding the service sheet for him.
Jarred thought he was very special.

Afterwards we went for a mothers day lunchon at
Golden (make a pig of yourself) Seasons Restraunt (groan and I did!)
where Sarah kept us all entertained. Please believe me she'd only had soft drink to drink! LOL

Oh and my sister in law had made the most devine chocolate mud christening cake! Yummo!

How cute is baby Alex!

Oh and I had this last minute "great idea" to make what I've named the "Handprint Keepsake Card" Of course a normal card would have been to hard for me! LOL

Anywho, the concept was solid,
the execution... a lil rushed.

( don't notice the strip text is all different sizes and not even inked!! OMG!)

    Here's the Recipe....  

Take a CD tin

Cut three circles using and old CD as a template
( I just ran a Stanley knife straight round, no hassles)

I used three different Basic Grey "origins" PP

Ink around each one

Choose a top, inside top and bottom paper and adhere.
I wrote the message I would have wrote on a card on the PP circle
stuck to the inside of the top of the tin lid.

  To Decorate the top 
here I used :
Bella Chipboard, Tim Holtz crackle paint, Prima and Kaiser paper flowers,
Basic Grey brad, PP and an inked up elasticized ribbon and Jenni Bowlin baby tickets.
Underneath the flower is a MM baby handprint metal embellishment I painted to co-ordinate with the PP.
(I knew if I kept it 8 years it'd come in handy! Hoarders win! AGAIN!)

  The back of the tin 

More Basic Grey "origins" PP
which I gave a wash of a fleshy colored paint to age it
and inked up the evenly cut into strips of a verse
(Okayee I am just pretending I did that bit ...go with it!)
I modified a verse I found on the net...

   Hand print verse   

My little hands reach up to you,
for hugs before I sleep....
and fold together when I pray
the Lord my soul to keep.

My little hands are tiny now
but you and god will guide me ...
And when I'm grown I'll still reach out
and know're both beside me.

 fill the bottom half of the tin with either white airdry clay or
I would recommend Arbee Magiclay which is a softer paperbased
(no mess) air dry clay! (both clays and the tin available from Spotlight stores)

Then I cut a circle from transparency film to be just slightly larger than the clay
 in the tin and placed it over the clay before I put the lid on to ensure the clay didn't dry out.

Over the next couple days....
I have a large thing
to share with you,
a little fancy thing
and the funniest story.

  So don't forget to

 check back later!


Oh just a little heads up shoppers...

(SOB! Despair!)
IS NOW ...


Grab a bargain help the gals feed the family! LOL



Kim said...

that tin is too cute marcy

sandra said...

she has created!!
That tin is just the best idea Marcy! what a gorgeous gift and keepsake!!
and lovely story about Jarred teaching you art, one of those awww moments...
and I can see that as a title on a layout in the future!!
(there's a challenge for ya!! lol)

Helen Kinsela said...

Awww he sure is cute, what a lovely way to spend mothers day and your Master 7 sure has you totally sussed LOL.
Nice work with the handmade gift too, love it.