Tuesday, April 6, 2010


At the risk of seeming
 very crude and rude after my last post ...
I HAD to share this with you all!!!
Its too amazing, sweet and absolutely hilarious not to!!!
The post is called "...going commando!" 

Gosh I wonder if I will ever be rid of the ache in my heart whenever I hear stories
of those carefree, wild adventurous 60's and 70's hippie chicks who really lived life!
I so wanted to be a kick ass liberated, bra burning busty babe,
with swirling gypsy petticoats, long tresses of hair
and a "far away" sultrie look in my eye.

Yep! I  was so gunna grow up
to be ... Stevie Niks ( or the blonde ABBA chick),
then I got a little older and wanted to be
a rockstar temptress like.... 
how the hell
did I end up....
being a bad singing,
overweight version of Susan Boyle!!!  LOL

( but I AM glad to be 30 something not 40 something!
Not that theres anything wrong with 40 something!!!)


I digress ...

You must check out the talented writings
and many spendid recollections of ...

shes just so groovy & wonderful!


oh I did have a floor length green floral wrap around skirt,
brown knee boots and a bad affro home perm when I was a kid does that count!!! LOL


sandra said...

The visuals her story presented were priceless!!
thanks for sharing!!

maryanne r said...


Anonymous said...

LOL you don't have blog BO. YOu have a wonderful blog, so much to see and your creations are gorgeous those draws had so much stitching, wow, love it.

Guess what I hate to say this but I am 40 something yeks LOL !!

Have a wonderful day.

Carole xx