Friday, April 30, 2010


HAR HA!!!!
I didnt say what! LOL

After having a bad flu, I've been a bit off recently and I fell into a bit of an artistic void. I wasnt having fun with anything.
I have had loads of encouragement to get my act together from lots of wonderful friends so this will be my last bit o fluff  post,
I feel,  I am ready to get seriously creative now.
Just gotta get the mojo a go go!
Thanks to all who thought enough of me to give me a swift kick!
Oh what a shock...

I digress....

I'll continue...

The story behind my little chicken goes something like this:
Jarred my 6 year old came home Friday last week saying
something about needing a hen suit for this Friday. I just kinda went
"yep I am sure Mr Gregor will send a note home as teachers
do to let us know, darling, exactly what you need."

No note came. He was insistant and more and more each day, demanding we go down the street
and buy a "chicken suit"!! NOW!!!
I couldnt tell you how many ways I tried to explain
"sweety ....THERES NO SUCH THING as a chicken suit shop!!!!
I'm sure someones told Mr G  the rules, we mothers make nothing without a note!!!"

Every now and then they'd be a slight change to his story I just kept thinking he had it a bit muddled as little ones sometimes do, especially when they are excited 
 and this "performance" was ages away for some special event???

By Wednesday he's lamenting all the other kids mums went to that place on the add on TV, (Debs fancy dress and dance hire shop!)they didnt make theirs and "we could just do that, cause my hen has to have a mohawk and a beard like a real chicken!!!

Translation: a comb on its head and a wattle under its chin.
I went for a job as a chicken sexer at Biarda, near Tamworth a hundred years ago, thats how I know these things !!!
But thats a whole other story! LOL

Anyway, I tried for two days to catch Mr G after school and then yesterday went oh hang it ...I'll just make what I think I should and then its done. Luckily briefly ran into another mother yesterday and she confirmed it was for todays assembly.
Well that got me motivated!!!!

Hubby went out, kids bathed and had Macca's and went to bed on time and I  spent a GLORIOUS night in the office!

Complete with a "big bang theory/SVU/Medium/Buffy the vampire slayer accompaniment it was heaven. (Yes it doesnt take much to make me deliously happy nowdays....buffys episode did have...sigh/drool...David Boreanaz as Angel in it though!)

I 've decided babies shouldn't come with manuals they should  pop out of the uterus with glue guns. I dont know how many nights I've worked on something for my kids with my trusty glue gun.... you just got to own one when you have kids else was I going to get all those crepe paper feathers happening. LOL

 This morning I waited for screaming and shreiking cries of approval and I got a ...
and a "thats really cool mum" and a
"where are MY CHICKEN'S FEET!!!"

I head off to assembly time ready to see a colourful array of store bought costumes and theatric's...from everything I've been told by my chicken little lad, Jarred.

Well I arrived and ummm well ....Jarred looked EXCELLENT

 but we may have over done it just a little ???
(and before anyone says it.... it had nothing to do with impressing MR G! LOL)

The play was a very lovely story about a lazy farmer who's animals harass him to get movivated and look after them....I think????
The PA system broke down before the assembly started!
So despite the cutest little narrators best efforts
I am still not entirely sure!
that and its...
 hard to lip read a chicken!!!

( chickens dont have lips!!!LOL)

Anyway, thats todays story of love,
labour, cuteness and furry feathery farmyard animals!!!

IT's hard work holding your wattle up so you can see!!! RAOTFL

Well, I best wrap this post up
and be off to get tonights dinner sorted out.
 Its a neverending chore isnt it???
hmmm what do I feel like?...
(I'm sorry ...its too too easy!)
I think I feel like...
(sing it with me now!)
I feel like chicken CHICKEN TONIGHT!!!



:) Tiff said...

ahhh you funny chook. I just sat here and really laughed out loud.
you are the mum with the mostest. congrats on one awesome chick suit, albeit legless.

love your off beat humour.

have a great weekend.

sandra said...

oh pmsl
that was tooo funny!
LOVE all the other kids costumes! (huh?)
Your costume is awesome! (would beat anything that Deb chick (groan, sorry) could come up with.

and yay to having your mojo back.. now I can put that long stick I was going poke you with back on the woodpile!

Glad to see you are feeling better chook (groan...sorry.. again)

Anonymous said...

OMG what an awesome Mum you are, and talk about a mojo hit, your a laugh a minute :)

Mistra Hoolahan said...

ROFL... okies, at first when I saw the chicken I thought.. she's done it now... she's not had the flu she's got the "Mad Chicken" Disease!!

What a mum you are hey, but really - how could you forget the chicken feet, surely the chinese restaurants don't have all of them! Your chicken suit beats the felt frog I had a night to do for Kel when he was about the same age - all I can say is, thank god for staples!

Mis xo

Oh oh... sorry, must remember to sign - Mistra for PM!!

Kim said...

all I have to say is MARCY MARCY MARCY!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg what a crack up....bird flu and all you still managed to scramble and make this and crack a yoke or two. next time request a note so you can get abreast of the situation. i am eggsited you have your mojo back. can you just find mine now. pmsl

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

You crack me up Miss M! What a fab story and what an AWESOME chicken suit. You clever chicky you ... LOL ... yep you can groan out loud too.
Let's hope that mojo is back for good, I wanna see more yummies here from you girlfriend.

lucy said...

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lily said...

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