Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A belated THANKYOU & more bug photos!!!

I finally added an dragonfly to my collection of buggy photos.
This guy just waited on a bush dirrectly outside my front door I couldnt belive my luck!!!

I am terribly sorry its taken me sooo long to thank the brilliant people at Twiddlybitz for the spectacular prize pack they sent me afew weeks ago...OMG!!!! I cant wait to make something amazing with all the wonderful bitz!!!!

( anyone else out there want to send me a beautiful bunch of something ...I'll give it a good home! LOL) 

To show my gratitude...
I am placing the name of everyone
who leaves me comments during the next week and
One person at random
( names in a hat jobbie!)
will win a sample
 as I love to share the love! LOL



lkamphuis said...

wow -the bug pics are awesome...and the twiddlybitz - you lucky thing!!!!!

sandra said...

love your bug pics! and WOW at the your newly acquired Twiddley lovelies to your stash, you lucky thing!!

Anonymous said...

love the photos marcy. i am so jealous.