Thursday, March 18, 2010


  ... the Roses, that is!  

along with other flora & whimsy,
and I picked them with my camera
just for you!

I went for a walk this morning, I thought I'd soak in the sunshine.
 Glorious was the only way to describe it,
it honestly felt like spring revisited!

I  espyed this beauty and took it for my Nanna Rene.
she loved the yellow peace rose in her garden, and
whenever I see yellow roses I think of her!

Didn't quite get this one right but loved
the way the water droplets glistened in the morning sun.

Suburbia in the morning glow.

Bit o fungi for ya!
Dont you love the contrasting colours and textures?

This is just pruddy! It's amazing I spotted this tiny little flower,(about 4cm across) buried in grass, from 20 meters away.

One of the 1st houses in our street built when
Lake Albert was all grazing land!
All of these photos were taken within 3 blocks of my home!

Theres beauty in even the tiniest details!

OH maybe not!
Yes! OKAYEE! its there to stop animals "going" on the grass
But the condensation was so interesting commit me! LOL

This one, SHhhh... 
I had to sneak across someones garden bed to get. :) 
I swear, how awesome is this pic!
It is totally unedited... Just look at that colour!
(Oops, sounded a bit crock hunter entusiastic there for a minute!)
This Dahlia? is my
Fav for the day!

By this time, I'm sure people thought I was insane!
But Beauty is all around ...
on tap even !

Or even ...

 in a wee bitty weed,
 that once I would have stepped on without looking.
With proper edjamucation you too will see,
 even weeds can.. WOW!

My thanks to the splendid teachings of
the sometimes wacky, weird and always wonderful...
Jilly's school of weedography!

Merle "the gal's" mailbox.
right beside Rawlings Park playing fields and nature reserve.

          I am grateful,             
       I saw all these beautiful       
           things today!              

(do you think my family would mind going nude, so I could avoid the
washing machine and goof of again tomorrow!??? scratch that! Yikes!
What was I thinking...MY boys... probably wouldnt care!! LOL)

Stay tuned over the next couple days for....
the other hundred snapshots of 
flowers, birds, bark and butterflies 
that jumped recklessly in front
of my camera today!


PS, I just looked at the post below and I know what I should have kept a secret...I can't spell!!!


:) Tiff said...

Oh Marcy. what wonderful rich shots with such sharp detail.

so spill.

camera and lens details please.

Ps.... I happened to buy my (new) camera from Jilly G. she does take some awesome shots doesnt she.

Mistra Hoolahan said...

These are stunning... I think I need to get someone to type at you for me because it shits me that you have yet ANOTHER talent! Hehehehe...

I wish I was there smelling those roses with you... thanks for the visual walk!!

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

Oh man where do your talents end girlfriend. Thanks for sharing nature with us, they are totally gorgeous pics. LOL about the "Angel" street - that must be where you live, right??? LOL.

Marcy said...

Thanks gals for the bloggy love you know I thrive on! LOL Well I just worked out why sadly I never did get that DT at 3 angels causeeee I live in Graham st!!! LOL
I do wish I'd hurry up and win lotto so I could fly you over to smell the roses Mistra!!!
Tiff.. You a doll but I'll let you in on a little secret... I dont take good photos the camera does! Its all fluke. LOL Imagine what I could take if I had one that wasnt broken! & Tiff you dont want my lens. yesterday I missed some awesome butterfly shots because I wanted to shoot rapid fire with auto focus which doesnt work (makes this horrible grinding sound) since the boys dropped the camera on its face! Worst part they've done it to both my camera my Nikkon and my Fuji!!! Hmm lotto win I could GET THEM FIXED!

Jo Kinder said...

I agree with Mistra. You're far too talented!! lol
Beautiful pic's Marcy!!

Angela said...

How utterly awesome Marcy! It is amazing that beauty IS everywhere! fablous photos!