Thursday, February 25, 2010


15 years my dearheart has survived with me today!!!
& I think I am still the luckiest woman on earth!!! (most days! LOL) 
Thankyou for your love, endless patience and cooking abilities!
I hope we grow very old and happy together!
Happy Anniversary Dave!

This was made frome my favourite photo from our wedding day, 25th February.

The verse on the ribbon scrolls reads " That love is all there is ... is all we know of love. " - Helen Stiener Rice

PRODUCTS USED: Collage Press "Knave of Hearts" PP, Making Memories, Maya road and Prima flowers, Prima gems, Prima spray of pearls, Maya road leaf pins, Making Memories pearl head pin, Velvet flower ribbon, lace, Tim Holtz metal foliage, Tim Holtz alcohol inks, frame from elcheapo shop, Embossing powder, pearls, seed beads, bezel frame, tissue paper, inks and paints transparency and acetate.

Bit annoyed with the dimentional magic glaze I used on the Patterned paper behind the photo. It kind of wreaked the whole thing because it changed the colour of the paper to a more orangy red instead of the maroony red paper I used top and bottom . It was cut from the same red paper at the bottom why it went that colour...grrr I dont know! NOT HAPPY JAN!

The lace scollops behind the flowers on the frame are off the train on my wedding dress. It was ripped at the reception by some over enthusiastic guests on the dance floor who trod on me! LOL

Hoarders win again...I knew if I kept it 15 years it would come in handy someday
and at $75 a metre I just couldnt throw it out!

I got a lovely email from the friendly people from Twiddleybitz who said they were sending me and complimentry pack of goodies and a big thankyou for my recent post promoting their product during a recent competition (I think I may hae been the person who refered the winner too which would have been cool) anyway I digress I was desperately hoping what ever they were sending would come in  time for this project but alas I had to go without. They have a competition over there atm for valentine inspired creations but I was all out of time and twiddleybitz otherwise I would have entered. Oh have I mentioned lately how much I lurve Twiddleybitz

 " That love is all there is ...
is all we know of love. "
- Helen Steiner Rice


sandra said...

'Dear'heart or 'Brave'heart? lol
Marcy this is just absolutely stunning!!
Just love every bit of this.
Love the tones, the details, and lurve the beaded stitching!
you leave me in awe!

Marcy said...

He'd probably say braveheart cause he can ask me stuff till he's blue in the face! LOL Nah just kidding he is extremely non demanding unlike myself! Love your comments thanks for noticing the details means alot!

kchambo said...

Lovely as always Marcy. Don't get too hung up on what the glaze did to the patterned paper. If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have noticed. In saying that though, the same has happened to me and I was so disappointed.
Congrats on 15 years together.

Nerrida said...

Happy anniversary! Love looking at your work, you do some fascinating artwork - Way beyond my capability.
Wishing you the best for the next 15!

Jilly Geraghty-Groves said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!!! Dave is ONE LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY man!!!!
Marc....lost your email addy.....
Just wanting to say hi!!! Been thinking of you!!!
Send me a "put this email address in your address book stoopid" email will ya?!?!?!?
Love you heaps

Susanne Perry said...

LOVE what you've done with the acetate, awesome stuff Marcy.....fantastic instructions too!