Friday, February 19, 2010


First up I'd like to say a BIG thankyou to all the lovely people
who leave beautiful comments for me....
you add  fuel to my driving  passion!

IRL I am pretty isolated we havent even a had a LSS here for probably almost two years!
(hi Di, see you are greatly missed, but in case I forget to email you...
I was thrilled to pieces to see your comments here!) 

I am part of the 3 Angels scrapping community online....which is totally fabbo...plug plug!
(oh and in case you all hadnt noticed they have this increadible guest DT this month of February! shameless eh! LOL) but gal pals to bounce ideas off who "get it" are pretty scarce here.

Occassionally I resort to asking the boys or my dear husband what they think about what I am creating.....

Over time I have found that if I do the opposite of what the boys suggest everything ....
turns out perfectly! LOL

I never mean to be mean but thats just the way it happens...
so much so, that my eldest now confuses the whole troubleshooting process by saying the
opposite of what he actually thinks so I will use his idea! Confused ...yep its a pretty funny senarieo when he plays it cause he has a LOUSEY poker face! We always end up crackin up!LOL

As for asking Hubby...
well, he always loves the end product, He suffers for my art in pretty much silence,
which makes me love him more!  And he loves to show people what I've done but ....
I KNOW he'd like clean socks to take presidence over art!

If I am really in a pickle I ask him and heres how it goes...

Firsty, he looks pained, his face contorts...
 like hes recently had a vasectomy or kidney removed....
Or would rather!!!

Then he thinks about how he can change the subject,
I know this as I can see the cogs turning and see him squirming.
Alturnatively he'd settle for the ground to open up and swallow him 
because he's so worried he'll say the wrong thing!

Then finally he'll give me an answer...
 the way a man answers a woman when she says
"does my butt look big in this?!"

 and then he'll resort to the safety net...cancelling it all out...
"but I dont know, you do what you want!"

why the awesome comments you guys leave
and DEAR TO ME!!!!

I am putting together a little gift from me to you
that I will award next week
to a friendly whos left a comment here on my blog! 
The winner will be chosen at random
by a kid, out of a hat, I'd imagine ! LOL


More of the gorgeous nephew, Zak.

PRODUCTS USED: Bazzil cardstock, Prima PP, Ranger paint dauber, Heidi Swap chipboard alphas, Kaiser rub ons, American crafts chipboard heart, ric rac,
Dimentional magic, Dymo label
and Black florists wire.

The  image bellow was taken in an atempt
 to show the shiny happy bits I made using
dimentional magic that look like it
 didnt  show up on the scan.

Stay tuned people cause there more a comin ......
I have about four more projects on the hop ATM ,
including an ATC for a very special person.(MWAH! Its my pleasure!)
Gee I hope having a life doesnt get in the way! LOL

Another reason sleep is such a waste of good scrapping time!


sandra said...

Your description of the pain your 'poor' DH goes through cracked me up (Have you worked out that I have a very visual sense of humour?? lol)
At least your DH looks!!!
Love your layout.. those colours ROCK! Love the dymo and Luv ya shiny bits! ;)
Always love your work.

Tanya Tahir said...

I love this layout!! How do you get your photos to be so big in blogger???

Tanya Tahir said...

I forgot to say....SC is having a "Green" submission call at the moment - you should send this layout in :)

kchambo said...

I LOVED the way you described your husbands reaction to your questions!! LOL Andrew is exactly the same and Josh (14) just says, "what are you asking me for? I don't know about THAT stuff!" Cracks me up, like the answer is like holding a snake by the tail or something. Going to Keepit this year?

Deb G said...

Bloody beautiful girly....
as always!!
Youre a talented one, Miss M...
thanks as always for the beautiful comments on my are the best!
Hugs to you!!
Love, Debxxoo