Thursday, January 7, 2010

A very Merry Graham st Christmas

Connor came up with this brilliant idea ( LOL) to rope off each kids area so no one presents from santa could get confused. Each persons cordoned off area has the christmas list placed
carefully in front of their respective space.

Oh the brotherly love abounds .... when santas coming!

The newly developed Santa table is all prepared with bickies for Santa and carrots for the reindeers.
Despite Connors demands for a beer for Santa we left lemonade
in case he had too many beers and went DUI !!!

Note the purple bucket on the drop sheet Connor idea ...water for the reindeer!
You can tell Dad and dave went up to the pub for the xmas raffles,
Dave wouldnt have let even reindeers have drinks in the lounge room! LOL

Time 1.30am ...Santa has been...he was delayed by a 2 hour blackout which meant
he couldnt get the garage roller door up to get the presents even if he could see where to put them!!!

Pa tried to catch Santa, but just couldnt stay awake. The reindeers left munched up carrot all over him
while they checked him out ...I think they may have been confused by the Santa resemblance.

Messy darn reindeer!!!

Jarred gets a DS Lite! Totally freaks out!  "Just what he always wanted!!!"

From us, (one of my favourite moments of the day!)
Daniel gets a set of Warhammer Tyranid warriors and that is " totally awesome!!!"

Connor gets the DSi he asked for on his list and
"See!!! that proves I was good!"

We all checkout how "lucky" Connor is getting a Bakugan battle set.
The two other boys, all too quickly comment, about how good it is that we always share!!!

Jarred takes Mum and Dads photo with the calender he made for them for christmas!

Connor and my parents, Parey and Ma ...
and no he didnt get that front tooth for christmas! LOL


Then some Aunty Suzie and Uncle chriso christmas magic...more Bakugans!!!

As well as the Harry Potter Daniel was up to, dont know what we'll do
when we run out of  Harry's its an Aunty Suzie and Daniel tradition!

Then to Pop and Clare Smiths for Tea and some serious checkers!!!

Oh c'mon Connor let Clarey win just once!!!

Then boxing day with My Mum, Dad Great POP Flint and the Murphy clan.
This is little Darcy, the latest edition and I am strenuously told the last of the Murphy Tribe.
They have a basketball team now and Darcy's the reserve!

That Great Pop has dirrect connections with man in the big red suit hence he gets the best presents Santa forgets to bring. All those years as Santas helper pays off with a quick phone
call for ideas Great Pop tells us!!!
L to R - Sarah Murphy, Milly Murphy, Connor smith and Angus Murphy.

Jarred asked Santa for a million dollars, a new dog and three real baby ducks, but Santa suggested Great  Pop might like to get the "in" thing in motorised guinea Pigs. Jarred could believe his eyes!!!

Another Daniel mega christmas moment bought to you by Warhammer 40k, care of Great Pop!
Geez he's a good present picker! LOL

Unfortunately the festivities went so fast and were so hectic, my crappy camera and I didnt get any family group shots. What we did get was a sense of joy and feeling of happiness by having a room full of people who love and care very much for each other all together celebrating christmas 2009!

then we staggered home late that arvo and ...
nanna napped the afternoon away
while the kids rediscovered their christmas pressies from Santa!!!LOL

Hope you all enjoyed a lovely peaceful chrissie,and a VERY MERRY NEW YEAR
 I cant believe its all done and dusted for another year!!!


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