Friday, January 8, 2010

2010!!! A NEW YEAR!!!!

2010!!! A NEW YEAR!!!!
Hope its going to be a winner for all of you
and is already starting that way!

As per usual I appear to be taking up a million and one too many new years resolution challenges! Besides the boring resolutions, get healthy, loose 30 kgs, I have been watching art journal tutorials over at


Gosh I have learnt alot of stuff over there about using different mediums and the inspiration to play artist is huge and everywhere.

I think I need a scrapbookers intervention before I cross to the other side! LOL Free tutorials, amazing women's art, tips galleries and free clipart. International inspiration!!! It's SO nice to "travel abroad" every now and then! LOL

Theres also great little ATC challenge I am thinking of taking up too, with a bunch of girls I've gotten to know over the last year at is "Redcrystals"/Liz's spin off ATC challenge blog. I think it would be nice to make some little treasures and keep them for myself. I love the giving and joy swapping my ATC's brings but I do feel abit sad sometimes when I have to part with a favourite!

I know alot of people don't "get " the ATC thing but neither did I before I did a couple for fun to help make up the numbers and now.... I'M hooked!

Maybe its my ADD and impatience factor!!! To create a big art work would take sooooo long make a tiny one and then take a close up photo to fool your friends...nah just kidding! LOL

Its a great testing ground for techniques and I love playing and illustrating little verses and quotes so its perfect for that. If you havent tried one you should give it a go.

Even if its to say yep been there done that not my thing. heres a little blurb...

This week we had an unscheduled party, when my cousin called in with beer and friends in tow to say Gday for his birthday. He's a couple years older than me, he's such a sweet guy but .... it basically took over our back porch and  a little acoustic get togther turned into a p-a-r-t-a-y!!! Complete with gutairs, microphones and amplifiers!!!

I was going batty worring about it being a Tuesday night. Wondering when the cops would arrive, about the neighbours and the noise. Then ...some neighbours actually turned up with their gutairs, and more amps in hand and joined in!!!

I was worried cause my new years eves the last few years have invoved my sitting up by myself watching the fire works on TV and had had a bit of a tizzy this year that we shouldnt be too old to party...errrm...I take that back!!!

 I became the designated driver (AGAIN!) and just watched a dozen people get "happy", emptys everywhere and breakages for me to clean up, people saying loud not so intelligent things, singing the same song "the time of my life" for the twelfth time!!!

All until the birthday boy fell down my back step and nearly broke his ankle and I went...noooo time to go home now people! I am glad though that he wasnt alone and he did have a good time...until that moment!!! LOL ... not LOL! 

We dont really have more than a couple people over for dinner or a BBQ two or three times a year and I was shocked. I couldnt believe these oldens with their youngens lifestyle and I thought to myself phew I dont think I am missing anything but regrets and a really bad hangover!!! I was a little worried at what my boys would be thinking, I was surprised how quicky the party took on a life of its own....god I sound old and boring! LOL

Poor cous ended up at the hospital the next day ...luckily there were no bones broken just a nasty sprain and a set of crutches required. Phew!!! I decided on not mentioning the yard full of empties and the stubbie stuck in the tub of dip I found in the fridge the next morning ...he looked sad enough!!!


Thanks to my new FAVOURITE PEOPLE JO & ROSY for the package of devine goodness that arrived this week from the
huge 70% sale at

I hope there's something left for you if your reading this post...
rush over quickly!!!

I am the happiest gal on the planet esp. because I stocked up on paint misters and daubers. I swear you would not believe the delirium I was in while I unpacked my order. I didnt score too well at christmas in the scrappin dept but
this more than made up for it and what a start to 2010!!!!
thankyou very much gals, dont hesitate to bung another sale on like this anytime you like in the new year!!!


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Anonymous said...

come on gal tell the truth you were stumbling around the backyard in ya bra and undies singing into the mic. lol.