Thursday, January 28, 2010


Check this out!!!
I feel more like a mad scientist than a mad scrapper taking these photos! raotfl! I had to share the effect even though the pic's are ...welll.... BAD! ( I have a tripod just to lazy to get it out! LOL)

This is just a brief overview of how I got the effect on the "Passion & Fear " ATCs.

I took a scrapware ATC base stuck on it  my text printed out onto heavy white cardstock cut to size and  Then I covered the only the text with dimentional magic waited till it dried and then used a Hot cinnamon Luminarte dauber to cover the whole base.  It wont stick to the dimentional magic and will wipe straight off leaving the text and white cardstock showing where the dimentional magic has been applied.

For the backs of the ATC's I covered in a black acrylic. When dried covered it with Ranger crackle accents and then rubbed Siren smooch ink into the cracks left it to dry and attached my ATC details card later.

Stamp or transfer/apply your image onto tranparency.

Using embossing glue I covered the back of the image on the transparency.

To create the glow in the dark effect I used Judikins glow in the dark embossing power, melting it
using a heat gun. Care must be taken not to heat any one spot of the transparency too much or it will warp.

I then gave the skull chicks embossed surface a coat of white paint .
This makes the embossing a bit more solid and touches up and places the embossing missed.

Then still working on the back of the transparency image I painted all the flowers with different coloured Tim Holtz alcohol inks in reds and pinks.Once they dried I gave them a second coat of pearl smooch ink. Then I used a green smooch ink to cover the foliage areas. The smook inks took about a day to dry before I could use Jones plexi glue to cover the outline of the skeleton. I also covered the flowers and some foliage. Jones foils are used with that glue and I used a silver foil here. Firsly be sure your glue is tacky but not coming of on your hand. It tends to look creamy white and then goes clear as it dries. Rub the foil sheet onto the glue and peel back. everwhere the glue has been is now silver.

This image shows the assembly line. The white cards here are for the "Passion" half of the set.

Using a stazon stamp I stamped the image then quick sprinkled it with black embossing powder, tapping off the excess and heating to melt and set the embossing powders.

I then set about "colouring" In the back of each image with swipes of alcohol inks on a paint brush. The proper alcohol ink pens could do this very easily. Then I covered it all with some white brush strokes.

While I waited for that to dry, I covered  a sheet of transparency with embossing glue and sprinkled on the glowing the dark embossing powder. After heating the sheet I cut it down to ATC size and stuck it to the base.  Then cut up the image transparency and and it stick over the top of the embossing powder covered bases. I finished the card with an American crafts chipboard heart, added the alcohol ink painted epoxy letter stickers and some black rubons to create the words in the banner.

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