Sunday, October 4, 2009


Friday night we went to the Wagga Wagga Show, the first time for all of us. Daniel went with his mate and his parents ...thankgoodness as he went on a couple rides that would have caused me to have heart failure! They had the same effect on him after the fact and I noticed a distinct green tinge in his face when we met up...I dont think he'll be quite so eager in future. Connor, Jarred, Dave and I went on THE GIANT FERRIS WHEEL ...just my speed! LOL

How nuts would you have to be to go on this! Its at least 3 storeys up and the arm goes round and round and so does the little four person pod at each end !!!
 I took one look at it and looked at David and said "Daniel wouldnt dare?! Apparently he would the only thing that turned him off and changed him mind in the end was as he got up to pay he found out it was... wait
for it...$15 a go! PHEW!!!!

We watched for ages as the Free Style went round and round precariously parked beside a power line and over the top of the croccodile kids slide that Jarreds just coming out ofin this picture.

It was great the boys were so excited and luckily  for the pocket for the most part happy to wander round and look at the dazzling lights, and movement. Oh and bet on the odd green teenageer and whether that ride would make them chuck! LOL

They went on their first rollar coaster The last photo's terrible but made mme laugh! It so typical I had to talkConnor whos on the whole a cautious 8 year old into going on the rollar coast and the last photo if it had audio you'd hear me screaming " Jarred Smith hold ON!!!"

HERE WE GO all ready!

WOOHOO...a surprize take off!

6 years old and bullet proof!

They had a ball, and we enjoyed the night we even snuck in and had a look at the art Connor was spewin cause he so would have cleanned up apparently! ( I silently aggreed but didnt feed the monster) The scrapbooking 3d art hmmm we made a pact, mother and son, to hit the show with avengence next year!LOL  It was a cold night getting colder and drizzle luckily becoming rain as the night finished with the fireworks...sorry could help how many pic's made it through I just love stuff blowing up!


Tina said...

OMG my son went on that big arm ride last week at our local show but guess what, it cost him $20 it looks terrifying, but he loved it and he didnt even look green when he got off.

Julie said...

Love visiting your blog! :)
Great pics from the show!!

Anonymous said...


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